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How To Prepare For A Party

How to prepare for a party? Google it, then you will see half a million of results. Well, just how indeed? Some of you might say it is simple but then you won’t be searching it on the internet if you think so. Just admit it. But then some of you might have done it a...

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Party Food Order

Celebrating an occasion soon? Whether you are inviting a hundred or just fifty people, preparing for a party is a must. Food is a very important element in every occasion, as it is the reason why people came in the first place. Just kidding though. But it is a very...

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How To Throw A Graduation Party

Aside from birthdays and weddings, graduations are also an important step in one’s life. You are moving on another, more mature step in your life, and is thus a cause for celebration. If you’re thinking of throwing one, here are a few tips for your graduation party....

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Healthy But Delicious Four Your Party

Parties and other special events are always looked forward to because these are chances of eating a lot of delicious foods. Especially for us Pinoys, we have grown accustomed to Lechon and other grilled foods like Pork Barbecue. Of course, we might think that eating a...

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Choosing A Good Caterer

In any holidays, a host may tend to book a caterer especially for large celebration. Weddings, corporate events, parties and family gatherings, and any type of celebration calls for and may need a good caterer.   Here are some steps on choosing a good caterer:...

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How To Celebrate Your Kids Party

There are no excuses when it comes to your cute chikitings, and we surely understand that. Especially when it’s their birthday, you want to give everything for them to enjoy it as well as your guests. Here are a couple of ideas to help you organize and celebrate your...

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Planning A Beach Party For Any Occasion

Trying different locations for various events is a fun and exciting way to encourage other people to start being creative too. It’s not only enjoyable and exciting, but it will also bring out the artist and amusing host in you. It may be a birthday party or a wedding,...

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Party Checklist

Every significant occasion always call for a celebration whether it is big or small. To make this happen, you should plan and set everything so that your event will go smooth and hassle free. There are three very important things to remember when preparing for a...

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