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How To Host A Low-key Summer Party

It's summer season again! No stress. No traffic. No pressure to get dressed up and look great and be at the right place because summer is all about creating fun memories with family and friends while soaking under the heat of the sun. Unfortunately, no classes also...

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Organizing Corporate Events

There are a lot of types of corporate events. It could be for the employees and staff, business partners, or stockholders. Why would one company hold a corporate event? One reason is to simply thank the employees and staff for their hard work. It could also work like...

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Planning Food For Your Graduation Party

It’s not uncommon to be throwing a party to celebrate your graduation, and like every other party out there, the food is key. Planning food for your graduation party. Here are some tips to make your guests rave about your party. Keep it simple Graduation parties are...

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How To Be An Amazing Caterer

Putting up a catering business is easy. You need a place to prepare and cook the meals, enough staff for both administration and operations, and, of course, the capital to make it all happen. But while putting up a catering business is easy, being the best is...

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Meaningful And Unique Birthday Celebration

Birthdays, birthdays. Everybody loves birthdays. Not just love it but waiting for it to arrive. All over the world people celebrate their birthdays in many different ways. Birth is the beginning of a person’s life. It is an opening to the many chances of a lifetime, a...

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Party People

The 21st century is marked by a fast-paced life, a 24/7 operation, and fast-food eating. Still, we see a lot of party people. Is not it ironic? In this age where we seem to not even have time for ourselves because of our secular life, how come there are still a lot of...

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How To Organize A Party

I. Introduction It is already the month of March. For students, they are looking forward to their recognition/graduation day. For those who are working, one more month and they would be holding their formal quarterly performance appraisal meeting. This is a month...

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Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Boys

Young and old folks have something in common; and that is the love for celebrations or parties. Who would not? It is a time to be jolly and happy. You even get to see your friends and family members whom you have not seen for some time. So whether you like to throw a...

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Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girls

We all love celebrations. Whatever celebration it is we always see to it that it will perfectly be as what we want it to be. Little girls as we know them are so fond of something magical. They like everything to be just like what they dream of. That is why it is not...

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Tips For A Great Birthday Celebration

  “I always have a headache when I think of this day. The preparations are tedious and costly, those lousy neighbors just keep coming in and it is difficult to make my child happy for my efforts.” Some, if not most, parents dread this event and just give up or...

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