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It’s summer season again! No stress. No traffic. No pressure to get dressed up and look great and be at the right place because summer is all about creating fun memories with family and friends while soaking under the heat of the sun.
Unfortunately, no classes also means no allowance. So, not everyone can afford a grand vacay in Maldives or in Boracay since we are out of budget. But despair no more! If you can’t go to Bora or even to a local night club to enjoy some bright lights , why not bring it in your backyard? Beat the heat this summer with a few easy creative ideas that will keep the party going! So, we are giving you some tips to host the best summer party of your life!

1) Plan it out.

This is a basic in planning a party. Ask permission to your folks that you will be using a space in the house. Plan when, where and who are the people you want to invite. Just be sure that it is not on the middle of the summer, your friends might be away for their vacay. And it is no use of you’ll have it few weeks before the classes starts!

2) Good food for everyone.

Throwing a party does not imply that you have to do everything by yourself. You can order from your favorite pizza parlor, fast food, or you can even hire a caterer to help you out. If you lack budget, ask your friends for help. You can bake your favorite red velvet cupcakes or that addicting oreo cheesecake! Plus, it can be a very good way to bond with your friends.

3) Drown them with drinks.

You do not really have to buy alcoholic. You can make your favorite lemonade to quench the thirst, the sun can dehydrate everyone so quickly!

4) Let there be light!

Darkness makes the ambiance sexy. And no, we don’t mean that you have to play fire but you can use a candle light to up the party. It’s also about time for you to know your LEDs. Warm white lights creates a sexy atmosphere.

5) Add up music and games.

Volume up your stereo to add music to the scene. Not everyone can afford to hire a disc jockey but everyone can use some playlists on Spotify App. You can also make your own playlist on your smartphones or laptops. Make sure everyone also gets around, play games and talk to different people. Have fun with your guests! You might meet your next BFF here!

6) Enjoy the party ’til you see the sun.

School’s out and you do not have to go to classes the next day! Party like it’s your last. But of course, do not forget to let your parents know that you are staying ’till morning. And just a reminder, know your limitations and be responsible of yourself.
You can still enjoy summer even without your allowance. We can still have fun without spending too much! All you have to do is to be creative enough to beat the heat of the summer sun!