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There are a lot of types of corporate events. It could be for the employees and staff, business partners, or stockholders. Why would one company hold a corporate event? One reason is to simply thank the employees and staff for their hard work. It could also work like a seminar – introducing fresh ideas and strategies to the workforce. Another reason is to strengthen ties with business partners. It could also mean as a celebration for success together with the stakeholders of the company.


Being an event organizer for corporate parties is a challenging role. Imagine setting up a party for possibly hundreds of guests. But corporate parties do not exactly mean big parties. It could also be for fewer guests too. But nevertheless, planning should be taken seriously.


If your boss has set you up to plan for a corporate event, you must feel honored. It only means he or she trusts you enough to leave everything into your hands. But how you exactly plan for a corporate event? Organizing corporate events can be tricky as compared to other events like birthdays or anniversaries. Here are easy steps we have compiled for you:


Corporate Events


· Guest List

You have to list down the name of invited guests. Double check the spelling and address. You wouldn’t want to send out invitations which have wrong names or addressing someone a Mrs. when she’s still a Miss.

· Themes and Ideas

You have to gather your ideas and concepts. What theme do you want for the party? You have to consider the guest list before conceptualizing your ideas. But the answer to this question will basically be the foundation of the next steps of planning.

· Budget

Make sure you don’t get carried away with the planning that you forgot about the budget. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional money if you think that the allotted budget cannot cover the number of guests you are expecting.

· Venues and Settings

Look around for places you think is suitable for the event you are setting up. It should be large enough for the quantity of guests. Talk about rental fees and schedules. Is the place available on the date of your event? What else are they providing if you rent the place?

· Caterers

Hire your caterer. Of course, the menu should be aligned with the theme. For example, if your idea is to have a cowboy-themed party, then Mexican food would be great. Discuss with your caterer details with regards to food serving. Would it be a formal meal that would require food servers? Or will it be a buffet-style?

· Decorations

Don’t forget about the decorations. You have to put aside money for the table’s centerpiece or just anything that would make your party look more vibrant.

· Entertainment

This can be optional. But a little bit of soft music in the background wouldn’t hurt. This is to ensure that your guests could listen to something else aside from the business chitchat around.

· Paper Works

After you have finished the planning and ironed out the details, all paper works should be thoroughly read before signing. It is important to have a contract especially when you are planning for bigger parties.