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I. Introduction

It is already the month of March. For students, they are looking forward to their recognition/graduation day. For those who are working, one more month and they would be holding their formal quarterly performance appraisal meeting. This is a month where celebrations also abound among others hence raising the question: How can we organize a party? Tips and guides on how to organize a party.


II. Body

A. Occasion

First of all, it would be best to determine what kind of occasion we would be celebrating. Why? Because this along with our budget allotment would determine other important details of our party. Will it be a Happy Graduation party? Or would it be a corporate meeting? Is it going to be a wedding reception perhaps? The details are different for every kind of party there is. Would not it be nice if we would be able to host a party where our guests will feel refreshed and happy after our party? Surely it would.


B. Budget Allotment

We would of course want to make our guests feel like they are most welcome. However, there are those of us who may not be that well-off but “out of … want” would like to hold a party. This is where budgeting comes in. Set an amount that we think we are willing to spend for the sake of enjoying ourselves along with other guests. We might want to set this amount aside so that we will not be tempted to spend it for other purposes.


C. Target Participants

Now, it is time to think about who our participants or guests might be. Is it going to be a quarterly performance appraisal meeting? We might as well invite our higher management people such as our Board of Directors for this very important event. Is it going to be a graduation party? Inviting our extended families as well as our close friends would be a good idea.


Now, let us take a look at our budget allotment. If we were to eat at a restaurant alone by lunchtime, how much are we willing to spend for food for us to feel satisfied without regretting that “[we] have spent too much?” Let us get the total amount of cash we have at hand divided by the amount we are willing to spend on lunch at a restaurant alone. That would be the number of guests we will be able to invite for that matter.


Let us bear in mind that the above method works well for those of us who would like to throw a party at a limited budget. But for those of us who have budget sponsors such as our workforce, the reverse might be practiced: Get first the list of those who are needed to be invited and then estimate how much each person is willing to spend for lunch at a restaurant alone and then add the figures to come up with a total.


D. Particulars

Will there be a motif? Dress code perhaps? Should alcohol be served? Where will we hold the meeting? If the number of guests will be too large for us to handle, it would be wiser to avail of catering services most especially if our budget will come from our own boss. Let us remember that the smaller the party, the more manageable it will be.


III. Conclusion

Our hard-earned money is not only meant to provide for our basic needs but also for our enjoyment as well. More especially if we have that extra cash to throw a party, why wait for a special occasion? After all, isn’t family bonding the more important thing there is that is why we celebrate occasions? We want to be with them especially if they live far away from us. That is why, if we are in a position to hold a party without any near “special occasion” in mind, let us not hold ourselves back from holding a party.