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The 21st century is marked by a fast-paced life, a 24/7 operation, and fast-food eating. Still, we see a lot of party people. Is not it ironic? In this age where we seem to not even have time for ourselves because of our secular life, how come there are still a lot of those who party?

First and foremost of all, it was said that this is the time where people would be “lovers of pleasures” among others. And is that not true! People would give everything they have got just to be able to participate in a particular party they want to hold even if it means borrowing. They would really want to be able to hold a feast because it is what is acceptable in the community.

Another reason is there is REALLY a special occasion coming up. From graduation day to weddings to corporate meetings, these occasions REALLY call for something special – food, clothing, music, gifts, etc.

There are also those who party it out to drown out if not kill the lack of self-esteem they might have got. This is most especially true among the youth. One reference states that youths use partying as a mask to hide a lowered sense of self-esteem and with partying, they would feel a form of acceptance because well, “it is what everyone else does.”

How about the older ones?

Admittedly, most of those who feel rather in need of companionship are not just the youths but adults as well. What better way is there to satisfy this need for companionship other than partying? From family reunions to seeing sports events, etc. while eating popcorn or sandwich, they would really party just to be able to have a good time with friends and relatives as well.

There are also those who simply want to have a good time. They simply want to afford for themselves even just a few minutes of “peace of mind.”

One reference also suggests that there are those who party for the sake of finding a mate. They would really want to fulfill their (as well as their family’s goal) of having a family of their own. Surprisingly, though divorce rates around the world are rising, people still feel they need a lifetime partner and they would “try everything within [their] power” to be able to get a mate that is “perfect in [their] eyes.”

These are only some of the reasons why people party nowadays. Usually, it really involves food and entertainment. Why is it that there are people who are cautious about partying despite the benefits a party may give?

For one, most especially if there is alcohol served, the participants get wild after a binge. Most especially if there is music and the crowd is rather large, there is an increased chance that the crowd would go wild and that, instead of the party become refreshing to the participants, it does not become as such.

So then, what is the key to holding a successful party (whatever it is)? It is determining the size of the crowd and who the participants will be. Happy partying!