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Celebrating your kids’ birthday is one way to make them happy. Their smile is the most precious thing in the world. Such experience is priceless. It is very fulfilling. Do you agree?


Saying yes would mean you are looking forward to organize another celebration for your child’s birthday. To guide you, here are a list of dos and dont’s when planning kids birthday party






● Put specific details in your invitation.


When celebrating outside, include the floor where the function hall is together with its number. You can even include a comprehensive map.


State whether the parents or guardians are requested to stay all throughout the party or not. Others may have urgent works.


Let them know of the kids party package you prepared. It is even better to provide a list of packages so that they can choose what they like or what is best for their little one. Talk to your caterer about this.


Inform them of the things they need to bring. If you will conduct messy games or outdoor games, tell the parents to bring extra clothing for their child.


Provide examples of acceptable costumes for the party. Some parents may not be familiar with the theme so sample pictures will really help.


● Let the birthday girl or boy contribute ideas for the party.


Search for themes and games together. Your role is only to give suggestions or make improvements of their ideas.


It should be the two of you who will shop for prizes and giveaways.


A day before, let them help pack prizes and decorate the venue.


● Ask help from others.


Do you have some friends who own a disco service for kids? You might get a discount when you approach them.


How about relatives who can assist you in watching over the children at the party? This will ensure their safety.






● Planning a month before.


Most of the good venues are already booked a few months before. In another case, the kids’ parents might have scheduled something else for the family on that day.


● Inviting almost anyone.


You might be surprised to see kiddies you don’t know during the party. Worst, you will have insufficient supply of goodies and foods for everyone.


● Having a long welcome speech.


Don’t get too sentimental and give a long welcome speech. Remember that your little guests have short attention span. Better to make it short, brief, and fun.


● Conducting boring games.

Most kids love physical activities. Only a few love to play board games, for example. It is better to have musical chairs instead.


● Absence of entertainment for adults.


Do not forget that some parents are there. A good way of welcoming them is to offer a fine drink and a short talk in front of a band.


● Failing to mingle with the parents or guardians.


Create a good impression by smiling at them and starting a conversation. Always ask what they need to avoid unsatisfied guests.


Planning your child’s birthday party will be easier and a sure success with these points in mind.