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Young and old folks have something in common; and that is the love for celebrations or parties. Who would not? It is a time to be jolly and happy. You even get to see your friends and family members whom you have not seen for some time. So whether you like to throw a big party or just a small gathering for close friends and family, it is always a joy to see kids are delighted in their birthday. It is one thing that kids always hope for and they usually anticipate something special on their special day. So why not make it really special by having a theme party. Choose something that you know your child will love or ask him what he likes. Below are some party-themed ideas for your little boys.

1. Noah’s Ark. Little boys love animals and they love the story of Noah in the Bible and how God saved him and his family from the flood that destroy the earth by telling Noah to build an ark. Make an ark invitation with your child photo in front and some animals on it. Decorate the venue with a big rainbow reaching the ceiling. Make an ark using big boxes and scatter some animals in front of it.

2. Fireman Birthday Party. Kids are also delighted to see some local heroes like fire fighters. If your child is fascinated about things like these, then it is time to throw a burning hot birthday party for him with this theme. You can ask your local fire fighters to lend you some fire fighter materials or you can make your own. To add some excitement to it, you can try asking your local fire fighters to come and surprise the kids with their presence.

3. Pajama Party. This is one unique birthday celebration. With all guests and visitors including the celebrant wearing pajama or sleepwear clothes. Do this at twilight to an even more exciting party. You can make an invitation using a pajama template and paste your son’s photo on it.

4. Heroes. Kids are captivated with all the heroes they watch on television. So why not throw a birthday party celebration using this theme. It is like having a hero-costumed party. Your child will surely be delighted seeing everybody dress like their favourite superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and others.

5. Sports. Aside from heroes’ themed party, you can also try sports-themed one. Children are also involved in many different sport and they have their own favourite sport icon. If your child is involved in a particular athletic game at school, you can choose it as the theme of his upcoming birthday party. Ask his friends and team mates and the entire guest to wear their sports attire. Decorate the venue with everything about sports.

You can customize the party according to the themed that you choose, from the usual party needs like cups, napkins, plates, hats to cakes and decorations. To make the party special and worth remembering everything must be in accordance to your chosen theme. Make sure your invitation is catchy because it is the first to convey what kind of celebration you will be having.