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A Mother’s Day Special

“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies”. That is Proverbs 31:10 from the Bible. And from verse ten to thirty-one, the Bible speaks about the one who “excellest them all” — a picture of a skilled woman with a strong character, wielding great wisdom and compassion for the people around her. The woman described in these verses is a wife and a mother, an excellent one at that.

As the world celebrates mother’s day with all the pomp, often people forget the importance of this most glorious occasion and would go on with the flow. When does mother’s day start and who pioneered it? According to Wikipedia, the modern-day celebration of Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 and was held by a person named Anna Jarvis for her mother as a memorial for her mother who is living at Grafton, West Virginia. Her campaign was to make Mother’s day as a recognized holiday and started the year when her mother died in 1905. Although she became successful in her campaign to make Mother’s day an official holiday, she later became resentful because of the commercialization of it. She got angry that companies will profit from the holiday.

That is one thing I wanted to point out somehow in here. As other countries adopted the celebration of Mother’s day, it became a profitable business to some.  Around the world, every year people spend a great sum of money during mother’s day buying flowers, cards, and gifts. People would often hire a catering services provider or order food from a food delivery service company; they would also need tables and chairs rental company for their party at home. And with that, companies would gain from such expenditures. Even restaurant, hotels, and resorts gain from the commemoration of this celebration.

Mother’s day already became an integral part of the Filipino family and is added to the many lists of occasions that Filipinos celebrate. It is but proper to honor our mothers, and it is okay to join the whole world in celebrating this occasion. But be careful not to do it lightly. Do not take it for granted and don’t do it to go on with the flow. Mothers have given their best in every aspect of their life as a mother. Let’s give them the respect and love that they so deserve. Remember that we are not here without our mothers. So let us remember them not just on their birthdays or Mother’s day.

There are 365 days in a year to honor a mother, do not confine it in just one day. As we look around us today, children nowadays often disrespect their mothers, and that is sad and disheartening. Let us not allow this to be the norm. The Bible told us to honor our father and mother. Remember the time when you were still young? Your mother would wake up early in the morning to prepare your breakfast and help you start your day; your mother who spent sleepless nights taking care of you and tending with all your needs throughout your life as a young child, she changes your wet and dirty clothes and cradle you back to sleep. She is the one who patiently taught you to learn new things every day. She protected you with her life and shielded you from harm. For so many of us, we see our mothers as superwoman. Yes, mothers can and will do anything for her family. They are full of strength and endure hardships for their family. Hard times made them tough, yet their hearts are so soft toward their children.

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Creative 60th Birthday Party Ideas



Being able to reach the age of 60 is a big milestone in one’s life, making it a great excuse to have a big party! But sometimes we do not have enough time to think of what and how will we be able to throw a fun and very exciting party. So were giving some ideas on what and how to prepare the things that you will be needing to celebrating this milestone a big hit to everyone!



Party Invitations

You could create an invitation that highlights our celebrant! You can be as creative as much as you want. You can create a style that has a spot for a portrait photo of the celebrator when he or she was still a little kid or better yet a baby!

You can also use your printer and cardstock paper to create and make your own 60th birthday party invitation. You could use glitters or maybe confetti inside an envelope to make it more exciting and festive. You could also include some inspiring messages or quotes. Other invitation ideas you can use are caricature invitation, ticket invitation, or any other theme that would fit the personality of the celebrator. Remember, your creativity is the limit!

Party Supplies and Decorations

Remember that your ultimate goal in throwing this party is to make the celebrant feel extra super special. Hence, make it thoughtful and creative as much as possible.

You can consider putting up a photo banner of the celebrator using a baby picture or his younger version or their current picture and if left with no other option. You can also add a table with pictures and mementos from the milestones of the life of the celebrator such as debut, wedding day, graduation, and so on. You can add up a blank book where the guests could sign in and can leave wishes to add more fun. Maybe you could use a guest book, a personalized sign in board, or an oversized birthday card.

Party Menu

Serving the celebrants  favorite dishes is one great idea. You can use colorful paper goods if you are having the party at home. If you are in a restaurant or if you hired a caterer, they will provide you the menu choices, including the utensils, plates, and glasses.

Most caterers are now catering for small groups in the Philippines. You could request the caterer to serve your food buffet style. Serving your food on a buffet service or service à la française all your guests would get a chance to meet and mingle with your other guests when they head out and falling in line on the buffet table area. You could also search for online food delivery in Manila. Finding a company that offers food delivery in manila is easier now, especially when using google or facebook where most of them offer a page or website for inquiries.

Activities and Games

One activity that is the best fit for this kind of celebration is a slideshow of then-and-now pictures of the celebrator. Let everyone stroll down the memory lane for a while and make them remember the things they might have forgotten.Another activity to consider is honoring the celebrator his or her favorite songs! You can hire a band to fill the venue with his favorite tunes and so the guests could also hit the dance floor. This event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thus, do not waste any time in making the celebrant feel special throughout this event. Have fun planning and organizing!

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Low-key Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for a creative low-key kid’s birthday party ideas that can be celebrated in style without breaking the bank? Do not worry! We will be giving you some do-it-yourself ideas so you could throw a perfect party for your little one and spend much less.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

  1. There’s no other place like home.

To cut cost, hold the party at home. You do not have to go to an exclusive and expensive restaurant, go to the beach, or rent the hotel rooftop just to hold the party. You can just hold it at home, maybe in your backyard, front yard, poolside, or even inside the house! Just be careful with your things! Kids can be so playful and aggressive sometimes.

  1. Finger foods are the answer.

Avoid meal times by holding the party between 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.. By doing this, you have to only serve light snacks and dessert. To cut cost in food, try to make the party food yourself or you could also ask help from your family and friends. You can just serve pizza, waffles, popcorn, hotdogs, sandwiches, bread, cookies, cheese sticks and the like. You can also add up a cheap ice cream and let your guests add toppings of chocolate syrup, chocolate sprinkles, candies, and many more! Too when you prepare them yourself, fruit trays and veggie trays will be much less expensive.

  1. Do-it-yourself Birthday Cakes

Instead of purchasing a premade treats at you favorite bakeshop, bake your own cake instead. With a little dash of creativity and imagination, a traditional cake mix and frosting can become a perfect cake for the party! You may also opt to bake individual cupcakes instead of one full-sized cake so you could cut down cost. One cupcake per kid, isn’t bad! You can browse for some cake recipe in the web. Take full advantage of the internet and remember that sky is the limit!

  1. The power is in your hands.

Make your own invitations and decors! With a little creativity and some construction papers, cheap yet quality invitations can be created. You can use stickers, glitters, colored pencils and cut outs to decorate it. Also, you can deliver or hand it yourself! Or better yet send electronic invites. You can now make use of the social media such as Facebook to send invites to your friends and loved ones.

For the decorations, you can use some old decors or make new ones. You can use cut outs, pieces of cloth and stickers. Utilize items you already have. You can also form a canopy from the center of the ceiling out to the walls. Then, you can tie balloons in bunches of three or five and tie them to the backs of chairs.

  1. Entertainer for help!

You can ask help from a friend, a family member or a babysitter to help you with the games and activities instead of hiring some entertainers. Use the things that are already in your house and adapt traditional games that fit your theme to save on games and activities. You can use cards in doing some tricks, balls, or you can play Trip to Jerusalem which only requires chairs. You can also play charades using simple terms such as “cat”, “dog”, “pig”, and so on. The more creative, the more it will be!

  1. The more, the merrier!

Combine your child’s party with a friend who has a birthday in the same month. You can also do this. Ask your other family members, friends, and neighbors to celebrate and have a party together! By doing this, you will not be only cutting cost but you will also get a lot of help in preparing and organizing the party.

The 7th Birthday Party Checklist

If you think that a 7th birthday party is hard to plan, well, the answer is NO. 7th birthday parties are not really that hard to plan and organize as there are a lot of ideas that can inspire you in creating the perfect birthday party for your child. So we are giving you some of the thinkgs that you should not forget in planning and organizing the party to make it an extra special one.

7th Birthday Party

Invitations And Goodies

Invitations are very important in a party. This is one of the things that many of us neglect. Invitations will always give the first impression to the to-be visitors as to how will the party will be. Hence, creativity in making the invitation is neede to make a fuss and to make your kid’s party something to be excited about.

You can draw themed-motifs to sheet of cardstock and fold in into half. Decorate it using mark pens and other decors that suit your theme. Most kids love colorful decorations and stickers. Just use your creativity! But if you are too busy to create a personalized invitations, you can go to the nearest party shop and buy the stuff you need from the invitations, to goodies, and other party paraphernalia. You can make your own loot bags that contains candies or cookies, key chains, toys and other items.


You can use large cut-outs of some cartoon characters, stars, moon and wizards. You can just create decorations by yourself that are cute and simple. You can change colors scheme and make cut-outs to suit the theme.

But to make things easier for you, you can also purchase decors from you favorite party shops. You can buy banners, candles, streamers, ribbons and balloons. Just remember that all decors should fit to the theme and should compliment each other.

Games and Entertainment

Children love games sp much. You can try some fun games such as Catch the monster by the tail, Trip to Jerusalem, scavenger hunts, breaking Piñatas, follow the leader, or even Simon Says.You can even modify these games to suit it to the theme. Just be sure that the kids will not be in danger during the games. You can also hire a clown or any professional entertainer that could add up a lot of value to the event.


Most kids love colorful and delicious food. Thus, your menu has to feature foods that are healthy and colorful enough to tempt your little guests. Colorful candies, cupcakes, cookies, cake, chips, of course, with health snacks with lots of colorful veggies and fruits would be perfect. You can also add up hotdogs, waffles, pop corn, cotton candy and a lot more!

You do not have to prepare everything by yourself. What the event professionals people are for? You can contact the best caterer in town to rpovide you everything that you need. Enjoy planning and do not forget to have fun!

Fiesta Time Again!

May is the fiesta time in the Philippines. It is the time of fellowship. It when most of our kababayans give thanks to their patron saints for a year full of blessings and bounty by serving delicious Filipino food as much as they can. It is a also a time to ask their patron saints to intercede for them in granting their prayers.

Everyone is welcome to participate in fiesta celebrations despite that it is originally a Catholic practice. To add up more festivity feels, contests and fairs are also held. After they complete the religious rituals, most houses do “open house” where they serve foods and drinks so relatives, friends and even strangers could enjoy the rest of the day. And these are the three most common food that you will see and you should taste during fiestas.


The Philippines’ National Food. It is a whole roasted pork. Its crispy skin is so delicious that most people would fight for. It has been linked to trigger hypertension or highblood pressure because it is high to cholesterol. But if you do not eat it regulary, just try it! After all, fiestas are celebrations.


You want to have a long life? Eat pancit! No, it’s not really true but if you happened to taste it, you will surely would want to live longer! It is a stir-fried noodles with vegetables, usually carrots and cabbage, and meat, either pork or meat or both. It is best coupled with lumpiang shanghai.


All Filipino original delicacies. These are snacks that are made up of milk, coconut and eggs. There are a lot of kakanin in the Philippines such as kutchinta, bibingka, suman, puto and many more!

Some other food you might spot on the next time you visit a fiesta are bulalo, dinuguan, lechon manok, fruit salad, kare-kare and inihaw na bangus.

Do not worry, you don’t have to prepare all of these if you will host your own fiesta. Since when did throwing a party imply that you had to do everything yourself? Sometimes it’s even better to outsource your operations to professionals who will make your life easier! You can hire the best caterer in town! Less hassle, more time for you to enjoy and have fun!

Fiestas take an important place in town’s calendar. An important day that is always accompanied by music, colorful street dances, delicious food and religious rituals. It is for everyone to enjoy. More than that, let us not forget the true meaning of this celebration and it is giving thanks to the saints and God for the give of life! So, hala bira!