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If you think that a 7th birthday party is hard to plan, well, the answer is NO. 7th birthday parties are not really that hard to plan and organize as there are a lot of ideas that can inspire you in creating the perfect birthday party for your child. So we are giving you some of the thinkgs that you should not forget in planning and organizing the party to make it an extra special one.

7th Birthday Party

Invitations And Goodies

Invitations are very important in a party. This is one of the things that many of us neglect. Invitations will always give the first impression to the to-be visitors as to how will the party will be. Hence, creativity in making the invitation is neede to make a fuss and to make your kid’s party something to be excited about.

You can draw themed-motifs to sheet of cardstock and fold in into half. Decorate it using mark pens and other decors that suit your theme. Most kids love colorful decorations and stickers. Just use your creativity! But if you are too busy to create a personalized invitations, you can go to the nearest party shop and buy the stuff you need from the invitations, to goodies, and other party paraphernalia. You can make your own loot bags that contains candies or cookies, key chains, toys and other items.


You can use large cut-outs of some cartoon characters, stars, moon and wizards. You can just create decorations by yourself that are cute and simple. You can change colors scheme and make cut-outs to suit the theme.

But to make things easier for you, you can also purchase decors from you favorite party shops. You can buy banners, candles, streamers, ribbons and balloons. Just remember that all decors should fit to the theme and should compliment each other.

Games and Entertainment

Children love games sp much. You can try some fun games such as Catch the monster by the tail, Trip to Jerusalem, scavenger hunts, breaking Piñatas, follow the leader, or even Simon Says.You can even modify these games to suit it to the theme. Just be sure that the kids will not be in danger during the games. You can also hire a clown or any professional entertainer that could add up a lot of value to the event.


Most kids love colorful and delicious food. Thus, your menu has to feature foods that are healthy and colorful enough to tempt your little guests. Colorful candies, cupcakes, cookies, cake, chips, of course, with health snacks with lots of colorful veggies and fruits would be perfect. You can also add up hotdogs, waffles, pop corn, cotton candy and a lot more!

You do not have to prepare everything by yourself. What the event professionals people are for? You can contact the best caterer in town to rpovide you everything that you need. Enjoy planning and do not forget to have fun!