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“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies”. That’s Proverbs 31:10 in the Bible. And from verse ten to thirty one, the Bible just speaks about the one who “excellest them all” – a picture of a woman with a strong character, many skills, great wisdom and compassion. The woman described in these verses is a wife and a mother, an excellent one.

As the world celebrates mother’s day with all the pomp, sometimes other people really forgot the worth of it and just go on with the flow. When does mother’s day started and who pioneered it? According to Wikipedia the modern day celebration of Mother’s day was celebrated in 1908 held as a memorial by Anna Jarvis for her mother in Grafton, West Virginia. Her campaign to make Mother’s day a recognized holiday began the year when her mother died in 1905. Although she became successful in her campaign to make Mother’s day an official holiday, she later became resentful because of the commercialization of it. She got angry that companies will profit from the holiday.

That is one thing I wanted to point out somehow in here. As other countries adopted the celebration of Mother’s day, it became a profitable business to some. Around the world every year people spend a great sum of money during mother’s day buying flowers, cards and gifts. And with that, companies would gain from such expenditures. Even restaurant, hotels and resorts gain from the commemoration of this celebration.

Mother’s day already became an integral part of the Filipino family and is added to the many list of celebration Filipinos celebrate. It is but proper to honour our mothers and it is okay to join the whole world in celebrating this occasion. But be careful not to do it lightly. Do not take it for granted and don’t do it just to go on with the flow. Mothers had given their best in every aspect of their life as a mother. Let’s give them the respect and love, they so deserve. Remember that we are not here without our mothers. So let us remember them not just on their birthdays or Mother’s day.

There are 365 days in a year to honour a mother, do not confine it in just one day. As we look around us today, there are some children who treated their mothers with disrespect. That is so sad and disheartening. The Bible told us to honour our father and mother. Remember the time when you are still young, your mother would wake up early in the morning to prepare your breakfast and help you start your day; your mother who spent sleepless night to take care of you and feed you in the middle of the night, change your wet clothes and cradle you back to sleep. The one who patiently taught you learn new things everyday and try to provide for your needs. She protected you and shielded you from harm. For so many of us we see our mothers as superwoman. Yes, mothers can and will do anything for her family. They are full of strength, they endure. Hard times made them tough yet their hearts are so soft toward their children.