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Christening, or also known as child dedication for some, is a very important part of being a Christian. It is when you dedicate your child to God, it is the time when people welcome your child to the Christian community. Aside from faith, being the primary reason for this event, it is now also a great way for family gathering to celebrate your new arrival. Hence, making it just as important as a first birthday party. So, we are giving you some tips to make your planning fun and enjoyable! Here’s our Christening party ideas.

  1. Coordinate with your local church and book the service.

Contact the church’s office, resident priest, pastor or minister to schedule the ceremony. You ought to know whether the ceremony could be a part of the Sunday service or a special service should be arranged. Then, find out the exact time of ceremony in order for you to accordingly set the hours of the party.

  1. Choose the best venue for the party.

You can opt to hold the party in a local restaurant or, maybe, at home. A place near the church will also be ideal. Do not forget to think about the budget, the things to buy, how many heads are you feeding and what time will the party take place. You do not really have to prepare everything. You can hire a caterer to serve the most delicious food you’d want have on your baby’s special day. Do not stress yourself, asking help from experts wouldn’t hurt.

  1. Choose the godparents wisely.

You might want to include your best friend, your sister or, maybe, your ex. Be sure to consult them first before anything else. They might find it awkward, or maybe they will not be available on that day, or maybe they are not fully ready to be called as “ninong” and “ninang”. Remember that the godparents will play a significant role in your baby’s life. They help you guide your growing child in his faith and give up child support if, in case, needed. So, choose wisely.

  1. Prepare the menu, the guest list and the christening gown.

You should always consider your guests in planning the menu. A buffet will be much easier to manage if you’ll be feeding a small group. An early-evening cookout can also be an option especially if there will be some children who’ll be in attendance. As to the guest list, Send it two or three weeks in advance so they will have time to prepare and so you’ll would get it on their calendars early. With regards to the christening gown, you can buy on a department store if you do not have that vintage family gown that is passed from generation to generation.

  1. Enjoy and take a plenty of photos!

Enjoy the event! It is something to be celebrated after all! Ask or hire someone who would take pictures of this once-in-a-lifetime event to make the memories last. Take pictures of the people who you have shared this momentous event with. And, of course, several photos of your dearly loved baby! You will be happy that you did it for sure.

These are just some tips that will help you make your baby’s christening party a memorable one. You do not have to stress over thinking what to do to make this party a hit to everyone. Just follow the steps, relax and enjoy!