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Being able to reach the age of 60 is a big milestone in one’s life, making it a great excuse to have a big party! But sometimes we do not have enough time to think of what and how will we be able to throw a fun and very exciting party. So were giving some ideas on what and how to prepare the things that you will be needing to celebrating this milestone a big hit to everyone!



Party Invitations

You could create an invitation that highlights our celebrant! You can be as creative as much as you want. You can create a style that has a spot for a portrait photo of the celebrator when he or she was still a little kid or better yet a baby!

You can also use your printer and cardstock paper to create and make your own 60th birthday party invitation. You could use glitters or maybe confetti inside an envelope to make it more exciting and festive. You could also include some inspiring messages or quotes. Other invitation ideas you can use are caricature invitation, ticket invitation, or any other theme that would fit the personality of the celebrator. Remember, your creativity is the limit!

Party Supplies and Decorations

Remember that your ultimate goal in throwing this party is to make the celebrant feel extra super special. Hence, make it thoughtful and creative as much as possible.

You can consider putting up a photo banner of the celebrator using a baby picture or his younger version or their current picture and if left with no other option. You can also add a table with pictures and mementos from the milestones of the life of the celebrator such as debut, wedding day, graduation, and so on. You can add up a blank book where the guests could sign in and can leave wishes to add more fun. Maybe you could use a guest book, a personalized sign in board, or an oversized birthday card.

Party Menu

Serving the celebrants  favorite dishes is one great idea. You can use colorful paper goods if you are having the party at home. If you are in a restaurant or if you hired a caterer, they will provide you the menu choices, including the utensils, plates, and glasses.

Most caterers are now catering for small groups in the Philippines. You could request the caterer to serve your food buffet style. Serving your food on a buffet service or service à la française all your guests would get a chance to meet and mingle with your other guests when they head out and falling in line on the buffet table area. You could also search for online food delivery in Manila. Finding a company that offers food delivery in manila is easier now, especially when using google or facebook where most of them offer a page or website for inquiries.

Activities and Games

One activity that is the best fit for this kind of celebration is a slideshow of then-and-now pictures of the celebrator. Let everyone stroll down the memory lane for a while and make them remember the things they might have forgotten.Another activity to consider is honoring the celebrator his or her favorite songs! You can hire a band to fill the venue with his favorite tunes and so the guests could also hit the dance floor. This event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thus, do not waste any time in making the celebrant feel special throughout this event. Have fun planning and organizing!

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