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Have you ever wondered why couples usually throw engagement parties? Oh well, if you’d ask me, I would answer a big YES. Engagement party is the time when your wedding countdown officially starts. It also is a perfect time for your families and friends to get to know each other. More than that, it is a great way to ask God to bless your relationship, ask Him to guide you all the way to your wedding and married life. And we are giving you some tips how to have a great one! Engagement party essentials!

1) WHO

Agree on the host. It has been a tradition that the bride’s parents host the party. Nowadays, anyone or everyone that is close to the couple could take this role. The more, the happier! But if you are very eager to have one, yet no one offered to throw in your honor, might as well take it upon yourself to host your own engagement party. And whoever decides to take on the task should not forget other host duties like sending invitations, making a toast and paying for the party (of course!). With regards to the guest list, do not be pressured to invite everybody. Few closest family members and friends are enough. Keep it simple and a little private. The true big day is your wedding day, anyway.


Decide on what kind of party should it be. It could be a formal affair or just a casual pool party, barbecue by the beach or anything in between. It really depends on the host’s personal preferences. Also, do not forget to determine your budget. Crunching those numbers will help you decide on the number of guests you can invite, the types of food to be served and, of course, the venue! Hire the best caterer in town that could offer the best foods, tables and chairs rentals and catering equipment as well.


Pick up the place that matches the motif. The venue should speak the amenity of the party. If you are opting something formal, you might want to choose a restaurant, hotel rooftop, ballroom, country club or a private resort. For something casual, a local park, your garden, poolside or even your backyard could be a great option. Just a reminder, try to create a different mood for the engagement party so it won’t upstage the actual wedding. You don’t want it to happen, right?


Do not be in a hurry! Breathe in, breathe out. Take some time to think in setting the date. You can throw a party few weeks after the proposal (of course!). As the host, always bear in mind that the you need time planning and preparing for the engagement party. Too, you will need time to envision the guest list, style and venue of your wedding. So, just take your time!

These are just some basic ways to help you host the best engagement party ever. These tips may be as simple as 1-2-3 but these could help you make your friends’ or your own engagement party a memorable one.