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In the Philippines, events are happening every single day; whether it is a wedding, debut, kiddie party, baptismal events, etc., they happen every single day. Then you ask yourself, ‘how can I see an opportunity of making money through these events?’ Well that question is asked a lot, and yes I mean A LOT of times. There are many many ways on how you can create profit from the events industry.

Photobooth Rentals

One good example is photobooth rentals. Photobooth is kind of a common business but certainly is one of the most attractive and the best souvenirs a person can get from the event. It really depends on the quality of both the template and the photo of the booth. Before you try to pursue this business, you must first learn how to photoshop (advanced techniques) and how to capture good quality photos.

Coordinating events

Coordinating events is not as easy as it sounds. Although the title for the work is ‘coordination,’ it does not revolve around the topic of coordinating itself. On full time coordination, coordinators are supposed to look for everything that the client wants; the venue, suppliers, goods, coordinators are the ones to find and contact those. So if you are willing to try coordination, try and contact events coordinators and have them help you.

Hair and make up

In the fashion industry, hair and make up artists make a lot of money. However in the events industry, income that they receive depends on how well they are known; depends on how experienced they are in their field of expertise.

Catering services

Food is never disregarded in every event; in fact, it is one of the most anticipated parts of an event. Although nowadays, catering services are all over the nation, you can still join the industry by coming up with something different; offering something unique and different that can greatly be your edge from other established caterers in the catering industry.

Those are just a few of what you can establish. There are lots and lots of things you can come up with as regards to making money through these events. The key is your creativity and your guts to pursue what you want.