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May is the fiesta time in the Philippines. It is the time of fellowship. It when most of our kababayans give thanks to their patron saints for a year full of blessings and bounty by serving delicious Filipino food as much as they can. It is a also a time to ask their patron saints to intercede for them in granting their prayers.

Everyone is welcome to participate in fiesta celebrations despite that it is originally a Catholic practice. To add up more festivity feels, contests and fairs are also held. After they complete the religious rituals, most houses do “open house” where they serve foods and drinks so relatives, friends and even strangers could enjoy the rest of the day. And these are the three most common food that you will see and you should taste during fiestas.


The Philippines’ National Food. It is a whole roasted pork. Its crispy skin is so delicious that most people would fight for. It has been linked to trigger hypertension or highblood pressure because it is high to cholesterol. But if you do not eat it regulary, just try it! After all, fiestas are celebrations.


You want to have a long life? Eat pancit! No, it’s not really true but if you happened to taste it, you will surely would want to live longer! It is a stir-fried noodles with vegetables, usually carrots and cabbage, and meat, either pork or meat or both. It is best coupled with lumpiang shanghai.


All Filipino original delicacies. These are snacks that are made up of milk, coconut and eggs. There are a lot of kakanin in the Philippines such as kutchinta, bibingka, suman, puto and many more!

Some other food you might spot on the next time you visit a fiesta are bulalo, dinuguan, lechon manok, fruit salad, kare-kare and inihaw na bangus.

Do not worry, you don’t have to prepare all of these if you will host your own fiesta. Since when did throwing a party imply that you had to do everything yourself? Sometimes it’s even better to outsource your operations to professionals who will make your life easier! You can hire the best caterer in town! Less hassle, more time for you to enjoy and have fun!

Fiestas take an important place in town’s calendar. An important day that is always accompanied by music, colorful street dances, delicious food and religious rituals. It is for everyone to enjoy. More than that, let us not forget the true meaning of this celebration and it is giving thanks to the saints and God for the give of life! So, hala bira!