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How to prepare for a party? Google it, then you will see half a million of results. Well, just how indeed? Some of you might say it is simple but then you won’t be searching it on the internet if you think so. Just admit it. But then some of you might have done it a dozen of times yet you just feel you’re not doing it right. Maybe, you are not – instinct is such a powerful feeling after all.


Birthdays, weddings, baptism, corporate parties, cocktails – whatever the celebration is for, all events need to be worth remembering. Just imagine that feeling of achievement after you have hosted a successful party. You’ll love it.


Preparing for a party, especially a big one is quite a work. There should be a checklist on how to prepare a good one. What does it include? We’ll give you details.



List all the names you are planning to invite. It is important to settle this first since everything else will be dependent on this – the invitations, the place of the event, the kind and amount of food, the decorations, etc.



Whether you’re doing it at home or renting a place somewhere, it is important to check your space first. Is it wide enough for the number of guests you are inviting? Is it kid-friendly? That is if you’re planning on kids’ party or if you’re inviting guests that usually let their kids tag along. Does the lighting works for your event? Ask yourself these questions.



Delicious yet healthy – yes, parents would love this, especially on children’s parties. Vegetarian guests are not rare these days and so does food allergies. So, serving a varied menu is a must. We don’t want your guest to go home starving now, don’t we? Of course, drinks are just as important as food. Water, soda, juice, alcohol – list down everything you need.


Providing enough tables and chairs is a good option but then placing more than what can actually be occupied is a major no too. Let’s just be blunt – it’s quite unattractive. Imagine the horrors of seeing pictures or videos of your party where two or three tables look jilted on their wedding day – lovely yet sad. So we suggest you hand those invitations a month or two before your event. RSVPs can be quite over the top for some but then it serves a major purpose. That way, you know how many are actually coming to your event.



Balloons, flowers, table cloths, etc. All should be relevant to your event theme. Let’s just narrow it down to the colors and designs. Think of a rainbow. Yes, see something you like? Just make sure it matches your event.



You always have free reign on these. Whatever you hand out, your guests will have no choice but to accept it. After all, it’s your party, right?

Preparing for a party all on your own is hard. Consider asking for a helping hand. We want you to have a smooth-sailing event but then we also want you to enjoy yourself. Doing all the work does not equate to this so we suggest you call a catering service. At Jojie’s Catering Services, you get the value of your hard-earned money. We promise the satisfaction of the guests and most of all, the host. Visit our website for more details on our products and services.