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You have an upcoming team building event. Your newbies and your seniors are excited as they would like to welcome each other into the company. HOW are you to plan the upcoming event?

Summer is up. It is already sizzling hot. In the office, files to be done and deadlines are also getting tighter because it is the peak of the season. What are you to do to make sure your summer company outing will refresh everyone?

As mentioned in the outset of this article, there are really times when things get tough inside the office. Staffs get overworked and productivity decreases because of their being mentally, emotionally, and psychologically worked out.

We all want our work. We want to retain our clients and we would like to serve them to the best of our ability. What then is to be done?

Perhaps what is needed is a time out of the office. It is not just an LOA. It should be more than an LOA. It should be a party!

If an office holds a company outing fairly regularly, well, there are regulars in an office party that the staffs look forward to in an office party. But of course, we need not get tired with the kind of company outing that is regularly being held.

I had tried browsing sites for some ideas for corporate events. I saw that most of them are:

1) Out of the box. Why is that? This would add thrill to the party. This would also make the staff look forward to the company outings every time.

2) It is about games. Why not? Games after all are the life of the party. From pageants (Mr. Goofy 2015 or Ms. Social 2015) to bizarre games that are meant to ENTERTAIN more than anything else will make a party rather livelier.

3) It is also all about different ways of recording moments. Tired of groupie, selfie, or ussie? Well, try something different. I have read in one reference that well, a company can hold a sports event such as basketball and then have the photographer take pictures of the best – and worst – moves a player has done. They will collect the pictures and then turn them into a video. They can make it as cool as possible as a part of their memorabilia!

4) It is also about learning new skills. Thinking perhaps what skills SHOULD (he he he) be learned? Well, have you noticed how you need to cook in the pantry just for you to withstand the overtime sessions? How about having to mix drinks (iced tea+lemon, etc.) just to withstand the heat of the day? Well, perhaps simple cooking lessons might do the trick! This will ensure that the next time your staffs microwave a pack of sandwiches for the overtime, they will look and taste really great. Or, perhaps sessions with a professional barista will do the trick. So that the next time around, you will not serve iced tea or juice for overtime. You might as well be able to serve something like four seasons and the like.

These are just some of the things to consider when planning for a corporate event. Let us always remember that whatever event we are going to plan or engage ourselves in, let us make sure that we ourselves will be refreshed instead of get more tired/ worn-out.