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Simple Ways Of Celebrating Father’s Day

Fathers’ Day is a once-in-a-year celebration to give honor to our dads for everything they did for us and for our family. During this day, we express our gratitude towards our dads for his love and support through the years. So how can we creatively celebrate Father’s Day? Here’s how:


Celebrating Father’s Day



Make him feel that he is important

Most Dads are not really expressive on what they feel. But humans as they are, they too feel happy when someone makes them feel important. Fatherhood is a very tough job especially that they are mostly responsible to family income, including the emotional well-being of the family as a whole.

A thoughtful letter of gratitude, a card, or a short speech that express your love for him will surely cause him to be little bit emotional. You can also prepare a toast for him and, maybe, a handkerchief or tissue, just in case.

Make his day a joyful one

This is only celebrated once a year so make sure to make this a joyful one. Give him a pesonalized gift rather than buying expensive ones in the mall. Your time and effort will surely be appreciated. You can bake him a cake, or cook his favorite dinner.

You can also walk down the memory lane by looking at your old photos. There might be a lot of things that might have forgotten and this is the best time to remember it all with your daddy.

Make it a family event

A family is not complete without our fathers. Thus, this event is best way to honor the goodness and love of our fathers. You can use this opportunity to get everyone in the family together again. You could also invite your extended family members especially those who grandfathers, husbands, husband-to-bes, uncles and brothers! The more the happier! You could go the restaurant, beach, a local park, or at your favorite family spot.

If you opt to stay at home with your family, you can have a family movie date! You can watch a movie with the entire family! You can also add or cook some munchies like popcorn, hotdogs, sausage, sandwiches and other snacks.

If all the activities above are impossible for you, you can celebrate Father’s Day by helping your dad in completing some pending works. This is one of the best ways to show affections to our dads.

There is nothing wrong if we celebrate this event in a simpler way, what matters most after all is how we let our fathers know how that everything he does for the family is very much appreciated from the core of the heart.

Christening Party Ideas

Christening, or also known as child dedication for some, is a very important part of being a Christian. It is when you dedicate your child to God, it is the time when people welcome your child to the Christian community. Aside from faith, being the primary reason for this event, it is now also a great way for family gathering to celebrate your new arrival. Hence, making it just as important as a first birthday party. So, we are giving you some tips to make your planning fun and enjoyable! Here’s our Christening party ideas.

  1. Coordinate with your local church and book the service.

Contact the church’s office, resident priest, pastor or minister to schedule the ceremony. You ought to know whether the ceremony could be a part of the Sunday service or a special service should be arranged. Then, find out the exact time of ceremony in order for you to accordingly set the hours of the party.

  1. Choose the best venue for the party.

You can opt to hold the party in a local restaurant or, maybe, at home. A place near the church will also be ideal. Do not forget to think about the budget, the things to buy, how many heads are you feeding and what time will the party take place. You do not really have to prepare everything. You can hire a caterer to serve the most delicious food you’d want have on your baby’s special day. Do not stress yourself, asking help from experts wouldn’t hurt.

  1. Choose the godparents wisely.

You might want to include your best friend, your sister or, maybe, your ex. Be sure to consult them first before anything else. They might find it awkward, or maybe they will not be available on that day, or maybe they are not fully ready to be called as “ninong” and “ninang”. Remember that the godparents will play a significant role in your baby’s life. They help you guide your growing child in his faith and give up child support if, in case, needed. So, choose wisely.

  1. Prepare the menu, the guest list and the christening gown.

You should always consider your guests in planning the menu. A buffet will be much easier to manage if you’ll be feeding a small group. An early-evening cookout can also be an option especially if there will be some children who’ll be in attendance. As to the guest list, Send it two or three weeks in advance so they will have time to prepare and so you’ll would get it on their calendars early. With regards to the christening gown, you can buy on a department store if you do not have that vintage family gown that is passed from generation to generation.

  1. Enjoy and take a plenty of photos!

Enjoy the event! It is something to be celebrated after all! Ask or hire someone who would take pictures of this once-in-a-lifetime event to make the memories last. Take pictures of the people who you have shared this momentous event with. And, of course, several photos of your dearly loved baby! You will be happy that you did it for sure.

These are just some tips that will help you make your baby’s christening party a memorable one. You do not have to stress over thinking what to do to make this party a hit to everyone. Just follow the steps, relax and enjoy!

Engagement Party Essentials

Have you ever wondered why couples usually throw engagement parties? Oh well, if you’d ask me, I would answer a big YES. Engagement party is the time when your wedding countdown officially starts. It also is a perfect time for your families and friends to get to know each other. More than that, it is a great way to ask God to bless your relationship, ask Him to guide you all the way to your wedding and married life. And we are giving you some tips how to have a great one! Engagement party essentials!

1) WHO

Agree on the host. It has been a tradition that the bride’s parents host the party. Nowadays, anyone or everyone that is close to the couple could take this role. The more, the happier! But if you are very eager to have one, yet no one offered to throw in your honor, might as well take it upon yourself to host your own engagement party. And whoever decides to take on the task should not forget other host duties like sending invitations, making a toast and paying for the party (of course!). With regards to the guest list, do not be pressured to invite everybody. Few closest family members and friends are enough. Keep it simple and a little private. The true big day is your wedding day, anyway.


Decide on what kind of party should it be. It could be a formal affair or just a casual pool party, barbecue by the beach or anything in between. It really depends on the host’s personal preferences. Also, do not forget to determine your budget. Crunching those numbers will help you decide on the number of guests you can invite, the types of food to be served and, of course, the venue! Hire the best caterer in town that could offer the best foods, tables and chairs rentals and catering equipment as well.


Pick up the place that matches the motif. The venue should speak the amenity of the party. If you are opting something formal, you might want to choose a restaurant, hotel rooftop, ballroom, country club or a private resort. For something casual, a local park, your garden, poolside or even your backyard could be a great option. Just a reminder, try to create a different mood for the engagement party so it won’t upstage the actual wedding. You don’t want it to happen, right?


Do not be in a hurry! Breathe in, breathe out. Take some time to think in setting the date. You can throw a party few weeks after the proposal (of course!). As the host, always bear in mind that the you need time planning and preparing for the engagement party. Too, you will need time to envision the guest list, style and venue of your wedding. So, just take your time!

These are just some basic ways to help you host the best engagement party ever. These tips may be as simple as 1-2-3 but these could help you make your friends’ or your own engagement party a memorable one.

Ideas For Corporate Events

You have an upcoming team building event. Your newbies and your seniors are excited as they would like to welcome each other into the company. HOW are you to plan the upcoming event?

Summer is up. It is already sizzling hot. In the office, files to be done and deadlines are also getting tighter because it is the peak of the season. What are you to do to make sure your summer company outing will refresh everyone?

As mentioned in the outset of this article, there are really times when things get tough inside the office. Staffs get overworked and productivity decreases because of their being mentally, emotionally, and psychologically worked out.

We all want our work. We want to retain our clients and we would like to serve them to the best of our ability. What then is to be done?

Perhaps what is needed is a time out of the office. It is not just an LOA. It should be more than an LOA. It should be a party!

If an office holds a company outing fairly regularly, well, there are regulars in an office party that the staffs look forward to in an office party. But of course, we need not get tired with the kind of company outing that is regularly being held.

I had tried browsing sites for some ideas for corporate events. I saw that most of them are:

1) Out of the box. Why is that? This would add thrill to the party. This would also make the staff look forward to the company outings every time.

2) It is about games. Why not? Games after all are the life of the party. From pageants (Mr. Goofy 2015 or Ms. Social 2015) to bizarre games that are meant to ENTERTAIN more than anything else will make a party rather livelier.

3) It is also all about different ways of recording moments. Tired of groupie, selfie, or ussie? Well, try something different. I have read in one reference that well, a company can hold a sports event such as basketball and then have the photographer take pictures of the best – and worst – moves a player has done. They will collect the pictures and then turn them into a video. They can make it as cool as possible as a part of their memorabilia!

4) It is also about learning new skills. Thinking perhaps what skills SHOULD (he he he) be learned? Well, have you noticed how you need to cook in the pantry just for you to withstand the overtime sessions? How about having to mix drinks (iced tea+lemon, etc.) just to withstand the heat of the day? Well, perhaps simple cooking lessons might do the trick! This will ensure that the next time your staffs microwave a pack of sandwiches for the overtime, they will look and taste really great. Or, perhaps sessions with a professional barista will do the trick. So that the next time around, you will not serve iced tea or juice for overtime. You might as well be able to serve something like four seasons and the like.

These are just some of the things to consider when planning for a corporate event. Let us always remember that whatever event we are going to plan or engage ourselves in, let us make sure that we ourselves will be refreshed instead of get more tired/ worn-out.

How To Host A Low-key Summer Party

It’s summer season again! No stress. No traffic. No pressure to get dressed up and look great and be at the right place because summer is all about creating fun memories with family and friends while soaking under the heat of the sun.
Unfortunately, no classes also means no allowance. So, not everyone can afford a grand vacay in Maldives or in Boracay since we are out of budget. But despair no more! If you can’t go to Bora or even to a local night club to enjoy some bright lights , why not bring it in your backyard? Beat the heat this summer with a few easy creative ideas that will keep the party going! So, we are giving you some tips to host the best summer party of your life!

1) Plan it out.

This is a basic in planning a party. Ask permission to your folks that you will be using a space in the house. Plan when, where and who are the people you want to invite. Just be sure that it is not on the middle of the summer, your friends might be away for their vacay. And it is no use of you’ll have it few weeks before the classes starts!

2) Good food for everyone.

Throwing a party does not imply that you have to do everything by yourself. You can order from your favorite pizza parlor, fast food, or you can even hire a caterer to help you out. If you lack budget, ask your friends for help. You can bake your favorite red velvet cupcakes or that addicting oreo cheesecake! Plus, it can be a very good way to bond with your friends.

3) Drown them with drinks.

You do not really have to buy alcoholic. You can make your favorite lemonade to quench the thirst, the sun can dehydrate everyone so quickly!

4) Let there be light!

Darkness makes the ambiance sexy. And no, we don’t mean that you have to play fire but you can use a candle light to up the party. It’s also about time for you to know your LEDs. Warm white lights creates a sexy atmosphere.

5) Add up music and games.

Volume up your stereo to add music to the scene. Not everyone can afford to hire a disc jockey but everyone can use some playlists on Spotify App. You can also make your own playlist on your smartphones or laptops. Make sure everyone also gets around, play games and talk to different people. Have fun with your guests! You might meet your next BFF here!

6) Enjoy the party ’til you see the sun.

School’s out and you do not have to go to classes the next day! Party like it’s your last. But of course, do not forget to let your parents know that you are staying ’till morning. And just a reminder, know your limitations and be responsible of yourself.
You can still enjoy summer even without your allowance. We can still have fun without spending too much! All you have to do is to be creative enough to beat the heat of the summer sun!

Organizing Corporate Events

There are a lot of types of corporate events. It could be for the employees and staff, business partners, or stockholders. Why would one company hold a corporate event? One reason is to simply thank the employees and staff for their hard work. It could also work like a seminar – introducing fresh ideas and strategies to the workforce. Another reason is to strengthen ties with business partners. It could also mean as a celebration for success together with the stakeholders of the company.


Being an event organizer for corporate parties is a challenging role. Imagine setting up a party for possibly hundreds of guests. But corporate parties do not exactly mean big parties. It could also be for fewer guests too. But nevertheless, planning should be taken seriously.


If your boss has set you up to plan for a corporate event, you must feel honored. It only means he or she trusts you enough to leave everything into your hands. But how you exactly plan for a corporate event? Organizing corporate events can be tricky as compared to other events like birthdays or anniversaries. Here are easy steps we have compiled for you:


Corporate Events


· Guest List

You have to list down the name of invited guests. Double check the spelling and address. You wouldn’t want to send out invitations which have wrong names or addressing someone a Mrs. when she’s still a Miss.

· Themes and Ideas

You have to gather your ideas and concepts. What theme do you want for the party? You have to consider the guest list before conceptualizing your ideas. But the answer to this question will basically be the foundation of the next steps of planning.

· Budget

Make sure you don’t get carried away with the planning that you forgot about the budget. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional money if you think that the allotted budget cannot cover the number of guests you are expecting.

· Venues and Settings

Look around for places you think is suitable for the event you are setting up. It should be large enough for the quantity of guests. Talk about rental fees and schedules. Is the place available on the date of your event? What else are they providing if you rent the place?

· Caterers

Hire your caterer. Of course, the menu should be aligned with the theme. For example, if your idea is to have a cowboy-themed party, then Mexican food would be great. Discuss with your caterer details with regards to food serving. Would it be a formal meal that would require food servers? Or will it be a buffet-style?

· Decorations

Don’t forget about the decorations. You have to put aside money for the table’s centerpiece or just anything that would make your party look more vibrant.

· Entertainment

This can be optional. But a little bit of soft music in the background wouldn’t hurt. This is to ensure that your guests could listen to something else aside from the business chitchat around.

· Paper Works

After you have finished the planning and ironed out the details, all paper works should be thoroughly read before signing. It is important to have a contract especially when you are planning for bigger parties.