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Unique Birthday Parties For Children

The best thing about throwing your kid a party is the happiness you bring to them and the satisfaction their happiness gives back to you. What better to do than throw them the most amazing party they can ever experience, right? So we’ve rounded up some of the best and unique birthday party ideas you and the children will absolutely love!


1) Pinoy Retro Style. A quick and easy-to-put-together party for your little one and for the attending mommies and daddies. Not only is this theme for the kids, but for the adults as well. Let your kids experience the euphoria of partying in the 80s while you relieve your youthful days back then. For the food and drinks, you could always prepare the dishes that are traditionally served at a pinoy party: spaghetti or pansit, pork barbeque or hotdogs on a stick with a marshmallow at the tip, and of course nothing beats a cold glass of Coke. For entertainment, classic games like the musical chairs, pabitin, stop dance, and newspaper dance will surely be a hit for the kids and you too, should you be willing to jump in with the kids.



2) Kite Flying. Another retro style party that the kids will surely enjoy. This is good for the sunny season where the kids and the mommies and daddies can go out and play. The kids can bring their own kites or you can have a DIY kite session incorporated in your party program. Fly out your kites and witness the delight it can bring to you and your child.



3) Wet and Wild. Another summer time party idea without having to use a pool for a change. Set up water obstacles in your backyard and turn the sprinklers on. You could also fill balloons with water and incorporate them in the party games you’ve prepared. Everyone will be laughing and having a good time all afternoon.



4) Anime/Cartoon/Movie Theme. Let your child live the dream of becoming his/her favorite cartoon/anime character by throwing a themed party. For example, if your child loved the movie “Up”, you could recreate the same effect by blowing up lots of balloons and use them for decorations. You could order or make a cake that is shaped like the house (which is attached to balloons) from the movie.



5) Game Theme. Kids loves games. I mean, come on. You could celebrate you kids birthday by throwing, for example, a Plants VS Zombies themed party. For the games, you could divide the group into plants and zombies play a live action version of the game – it’s like playing dodge ball or what we call “touch ball” in the Philippines.



6) Rock Star Party. Who doesn’t dream to be a rock star? For this rock star party, you could set up a mini stage where your child or a guest could sing and dance and entertain everyone. You could also have a “rock star transformation” booth and put nail polishes, makeup, stamps, sticker tattoos that will surely be eye catching to the children (and perhaps the adults too).



7) Sprinkles Party. Candy sprinkles are like little drops of happiness. Spread out happiness by throwing your child a sprinkles themed party. Incorporate the sprinkle-y design from the invitations, to her and your dress, to the decorations, to the cake and the treats.



8) Candy Land Party. I’m sure there’s not one kid out there that doesn’t like candy. This may be similar to the sprinkles themed party but you’ll definitely have a lot more to work with when you decide on having a candy land themed party. You could decorate the party place to make it look like Sugar Rush (the candy kingdom game from the movie “Wreck It Ralph”). Give out sweets and sugary treats that no kid will surely every say no to.



9) Mermaid/Merman Party. One-up your traditional kiddie pool party by dressing up as a mermaid or a merman. You can give out ready-made mermaid tails to the kids and to the adults or you can altogether design your own. Give out party souvenirs like pearl bracelets that could also be a substitute to party hats.



10) DIY Art Party. Every child starts out in school discovering their artistic side. So, throw a party that’ll help bring out your kid’s artistry by celebrating with art. Plan a lot of art-related stuff for the kids to work on like for example, making a mural, decorating their own cupcake, making their own souvenir item, bubble painting, hand painting – you honestly can’t go wrong with this party.