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A wedding ceremony is one of the most important event in a person’s life, especially here in the Philippines, where these occasions are sacred to our culture. So to couples that are planning to spend the rest of their lives in each other’s arms, it is important to know the importance of weddings in our culture.


common types of marriage


Various cultures and religions in the Philippines also reflect many betrothal rites. However, in our modern generation, knowing the major types of wedding ceremonies is an essential knowledge for couples-to-be. So here are the three types of wedding marriage types that are mainly held and accepted here in the Philippines:



  1. Religious Wedding. This type of weddings is mainly associated with religious beliefs and is the most commonly held weddings in the country. The ceremony is convened in the church where the bride, usually in long white wedding gown walks down the aisle while the groom waits at the altar. Principal sponsors and other roles in the event such as bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearers. It is lead by a priest or pastor. Sometimes, difficulties arise when the couple has different beliefs, but there are many ways for two different religions to join together in this sacred moment.


  1. Civil Wedding. This wedding is presided by public officials such as the judge, the mayor, or the governor, and is held usually in the courtroom. Unlike church weddings, civil weddings can be attended by only a few people, thus suggested for those that are on a low budget, but are ready to pursue a lifelong commitment to each other. After the ceremony, the marriage certificate will be enough legal proof that the marriage has been recognized by the law.


  1. Military Wedding. As its name suggests, a military wedding is held possible if one is or both are members of the military forces, although the couple still has the option of doing either a church or civil wedding. What’s unique about it is that other military members raise their swords and form arcs as the couple exits the aisle.


These weddings can be done not only by couples who are both Filipinos, but also to those couples where one of them is of foreign origin. There are just only a few documents to process such as the Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage and can be obtained at embassies of their respective countries here in the Philippines. Other documents, such as passport, divorce decree (if the foreigner is previously married), and death certificate (if the foreigner is a widow or widower) can also be needed.

Planning the wedding ceremony is the next step. Go online and look for suppliers and book a year or a couple of months before your big event to prevent any setbacks for example your favorite caterer is already fully booked on the date of  your wedding so you have to look for another catering services provider. Flower shop, wedding organizer, wedding singers, photographers, videographers, and of course the venue are just some of the suppliers that you have to consider booking early for.

Love is indeed something to be thankful for. And if a happy couple wishes to have their dream wedding, it must be done wholeheartedly and truthfully, whatever process their vows to each other will be said.