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Events are usually exciting but they require a lot of preparation. First, you have to know what the event is—anniversary, birthday, baptism, wedding, corporate event or a seminar? Then the next thing you take care of is the venue or location. Will it be in a hotel, school, or a backyard? Along with the venue of your event is the number of expected guests. Give some leeway with the number of people that your venue can handle in case more people show up than your expected list. Determining the number of guests and the size of the venue for your event is crucial when setting up the venue and preparing the food. Will a hundred people fit in your backyard? If so, will there be space left for the buffet table and the stage? And will there be tables or it won’t fit anymore?


Tables and chairs are important in every occasion. Though tables are not necessary, because we are used to eating in our seats just holding our plates the usual Filipino party way. If you can afford to, and you also want to make your guests comfortable, avail of tables and chairs rental.


Weddings and corporate events usually utilize the table and chair set-up since guests have to stay longer and more food is served. But this does not have to be the case always. Providing tables to your guests is a sign of cordiality and generosity. It also shows that you are a gracious host who provides the maximum priority to your guests. In choosing what tables and chairs to rent, here are a few tips.


There are different kinds of tables to choose from when you opt to rent this service. Tables can be round, square, or rectangular. Round tables are convenient for socializing and it also requires one centerpiece. Round tables have also different sizes which determine how many people it can accommodate. For round tables with 46 inches diameter, 4 to 6 people can seat around it comfortably. Eight to ten people can seat in a 60 inches diameter round table, although this can vary depending on the host. Because of the shape, people can talk easily because the attention is focused in the center. Each person can attend to everyone seated around. Square tables have also various sizes are very much alike to round tables. Four by four feet square tables can accommodate four to six people. They can also converse easily, though it depends on the size of the table. Rectangular tables are common during occasions before it conserves space and more people can be seated. Although conversations are limited to people who are seated in front and beside you.


In some occasions, specific table shapes, sizes, and formations are preferred. During conferences, long rectangular tables are used because the guests have to face the front. It will conserve space since tables can be placed parallel to each other and chairs will be facing the front. Guests can still talk to each other.


Tables and chairs rental can be a big advantage for your event. You can always consult your service provider for maximum output.