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When we do not allow God to be the center of lives, we feel this emptiness that brings us down and leads us to dark pathways. And, most of us are struggling about this when we reach adulthood, the moment we are exposed to the deceptive beauties of the world. We become humans with our thoughts focused on earthly desires and happiness. Yes, this gives us an incredible feeling of satisfaction, but it doesn’t last. It surely ends.


So we keep on searching for what can fill our emptiness. At some point, we find people who can alleviate this feeling, like our boyfriend or girlfriend. But then again, we still desire for something that can free us; one that can make us totally complete and grant us overflowing joy. We finally reach the point when we give up, we do not know what to do. We are at our breaking point. But to our surprise, this is the time when we gain wisdom of the answer – God.


And so, the time has finally come, you are now back in His loving arms. You are ready to become a new creation through water baptism. To make this moment even more special and memorable, we have compiled a few great ideas.


  • Prepare a short but meaningful message for everyone at the ceremony, especially for the person who was appointed by God to lead you towards Him. You can start with who you are before and end with what you have become spiritually.
  • Pray hard on that day. Pray that God will fill you with the Holy Spirit during the baptism and that you may have a true, personal encounter of Him. Express yourself like you have never done before. Do it for God in the name of His son Jesus Christ.
  • Keep yourself away from the alluring things of this world and completely offer the day to the Lord by reading the bible. You can say no to social media and other addictive stuff, for instance.
  • Look for the perfect clothing to wear. Wearing white-colored clothes symbolize a new you with a pure heart; one who is spiritually ready to receive Jesus as his savior and redeemer.
  • Prepare for a small celebration at your house joined by your close friends at the church like you small group or bible study group. You can hire a caterer that offers catering packages for special occasions such as this.


We are happy that you are finally back; that you are now a Christian. We are hopeful that through these ideas, we are able to guide you too in your journey. God bless you!