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Is your baby a he or a she? Without doubt, your little one is a blessing to you and your family, regardless of who you are and what you do. His or her life alone is enough to explain why we need to celebrate by way of water baptism.


For us Christians, water baptism or Christening is a way to thank God for breathing in a new life for us. It is when we give back all the honor, glorify and praise to Him. When we baptize our children, we are able to show to the whole world our faith; that we are a member of a church who believes in Jesus Christ, being the son of God; that through water baptism, we are freed from sin and is looking forward to a new life all for God’s glory.


Now, whether or not he or she is your firstborn, preparing for this sacred occasion is indubitably essential.


  1. Decide on a date. It is highly recommended to set the baptism on a weekend so that many can attend.


  1. Think of your baby’s godfathers and godmothers. You can count on your close friends, relatives, and of course, family. So create a list. But make sure you’ve contacted them ahead. Although you can enlist godparents even if they can’t attend, it would be nice if all of them will be there. Naming 5 to 10 godparents is enough, but if you want more, then please feel free to do so.


  1. Visit your church to register. Your church ministers have their regular schedule and may sometimes go out for a mission. That is why registration is necessary. When you register, you will be required to fill in a form where you also list the godparents. Although in some churches, giving of fees is not taken as an obligation, you might like to do otherwise. Remember, that what you do give will be used to support God’s church.


  1. Find a good place for the reception. Most parents do this at their own homes to make it more personal.
  2. Look for caterers. They will make everything easy for you when it comes to the foods and drinks. So you only entertain the guests at the reception with the peace of mind that a caterer is there to do all the work on your behalf. Jojie’s is a perfect example. They are known for their competent catering services packages for baptisms in the Philippines. They also have special kiddie meals if you request so. Along with this, they can set up the place by putting buffet tables with flower arrangement, guest tables with clothing and topping, chairs with seat covers, mouthwatering baptismal cake, guestbook and floral centerpieces.


  1. Secure baptismal clothing. Although this is just a one-time occasion, buying new Christening clothes for your child can make it more special.


  1. Search for good souvenirs. Going for arts and crafts is a good idea. Your guest can bring and keep them in their house as a reminder of the spiritual event.


  1. Create invitations. Today, invites are easy to prepare through the many DIY ideas on the internet. So you can definitely find one that is perfect for the occasion. These should comprehensively contain all the details of the baptism.


So there you have it. All is set once you’re done with the last step. Pray for the best.