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Do you want your event to stand out from the rest and even create a mark in history? Below are a few unique and awesome ideas we have compiled just for you.


Give elegant and personalized invites personally.


The giving of invitations simply formalizes everything that they need to know about the event (e.g. time, venue, theme, and others). It erases all their doubts or questions in mind. All they have to do is refer to it and be there during the event.


Give your guests elegant and personalized invitations. By this, there has to be something in the invite that distinguishes each from the others. Some of the great ideas are featuring a picture of you with the guest, embossing their name using different font style, inserting a memorable item, and attaching a music chip (plays one of your favorite songs as a couple upon opening of the invite).


When it comes to the distribution, however, personal delivery is highly recommended compared to email. Exerting extra effort to reach out surely delights and excites your guests. Also, this assures that they are able to read or browse through the invitation (they might have thousands of emails everyday that they might not notice yours).


Create a grand, celebrity like entrance.


There is nothing more welcoming than preparing an entrance of impressive theme and grandeur for your guests; having their eyes wide open in amazement and their hearts beat faster in excitement. Here are a few awesome tips to achieve this:


  • Make use of various gate styles (mostly arch), lighting effects and decorations (e.g. fresh and colorful flowers, crystal chandeliers, and illuminated banners).


  • Roll out the red carpet. A curvaceous pathway can be very stylish.


  • Position a few photographers at the entrance. They are to take pictures of the guests as soon as they get out of their car and walk towards the venue.


  • Designate a photo shoot area wherein the willing guests can show off their glamorous gown and pose like a top model.


With this scene, your guests will feel like celebrities and might even thank you for this rare opportunity.


Let them experience a meal they will never forget.


Eating and drinking during the event can be very memorable through these great ideas:


Buffet Style. Giving them the freedom to eat what they like and how much they want increases their appetite more. Also, this is very convenient and efficient when catering to a great number of people. Everyone can have their food and drink anytime.


Unlimited Supply. This makes sure that they are fully satisfied with everything on the table. They will be astonished to know that they can consume as much as they want, without having to worry about shortages.


Local and International Cuisines. Give them a new experience by tasting dishes native from different countries, including that of your own homeland. If you have foreign guests, it will definitely amaze them if you can introduce many famous local dishes, in which catering services in Manila can help.


Pleasing and Accommodating Waiters and Waitresses. This makes them comfortable while eating and drinking with the assurance that someone’s always ready to assist.


Fantastic Dining Set Up. They will love to dine with a very detailed and creative set up, from the table arrangement to the decorations.


For all of these ideas to happen, it is definitely worth it to ask help from caterers. With their skill and expertise, they can prepare the dining area the way you want it. You can start searching for the perfect catering package suiting your event by browsing through our website. We provide the best catering services in Manila.


Make sure that everyone will have the best time of their life through music and entertainment.


Attending the event will create a lasting mark on their mind by:


  • Getting a professional and experienced DJ.
  • Playing the greatest music of all times.
  • Providing a quality sound system.
  • Spicing up the place with great lights.
  • Presenting world-class entertainers.


You can even invite a famous celebrity to show up during the event and have fun with the crowd.


Provide free giveaways and wonderful souvenirs.


Say goodbye to them with something they can take home to serve as a reminder of the event.


Examples of amazing giveaways are spa gift cards, movie tickets, and shopping gift certificates. Some of the great souvenirs, on the other hand, can be wallets, jewelry, pens, tumblers, bags, beverages, journals, wrist watches, wall clocks, calculators, sunglasses, headphones, flashlights, and many more.


Whether you are preparing for a debut, wedding, reunion, birthday party, anniversary, and other special occasion, these tips will definitely impress your guests and might even attract attention from the media.