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Here are a couple of helpful guides and tips on how to plan corporate events and office parties.

We all need a break sometimes, from our family, friends, everyday routine, and most especially, from work. Work can be the most stressing part of our life, dealing with clients, work load and boring office spaces. To refresh the office, one of the best way to do it is to call for a vacation or throw off an office party.

Although it’s a party, the word “office” is placed before it. Meaning, you still have to make it a bit formal, enough for all of you to relax and get to know each but not too lax to spur embarrassing situations.

1. Form a Party Planning Team to organize everything that has to do with the event. If not, then gather your people for a brainstorming session. As with preparing a business proposal, the involvement of every person in an office party is very important. This isn’t like a birthday party that only one or two will decide and do everything then the rest will only come to eat.

3. Select a theme. What will be your company’s theme for the corporate event? It still has to be formal and appropriate, don’t set an office party with the theme Cartoon Characters. Unless your company is an animation or digital arts business. Here are some awesome office party themes suggestions:


Long gowns and tuxedos; arrange an office party that will bring out the best and most fabulous from your employees. Lay-out a red carpet matched with awards and trophies.


FIFA? FIBA? Or Olympics? Let your employees support or promote their sport by setting a sports-themed party.


Rent arcade machines, dart boards, pool table, or a poker set for your office party. Dress will be casual, and lay out cocktail drinks.


Choose from 60s to the 90s for your perfect corporate event.

4. Time, Location, and Food

You can arrange all of these or you can also hire a catering services provider to ease the job. Choose a day and time when all of you can be available. But before you set the date and time, consult it with the availability of the location you choose. In choosing a location, hand out requests to all your preferred locations. Consider the space, amenities, and price. Are the tables and chairs included? Is it okay to hire an outside catering service? After sealing the location, you can now announce the date, time, and venue.

5. Invitations and PR kit

Even though it is a party, you still have to print and hand-out invitations with the program or schedule for your corporate event. Why is the program important? So that everyone will be reminded of the protocol and avoid employees leaving early because they are bored or have something else to do.

Some companies or businesses include charity, summary of achievements, upcoming activities, and other stuff during their office party for PR purposes. If your workplace plans to do so, then prepare press releases and media kits to be given beforehand.

Last thing, delegate people to manage the corporate event, from receiving guests to hosting the program.