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Every significant occasion always call for a celebration whether it is big or small. To make this happen, you should plan and set everything so that your event will go smooth and hassle free. There are three very important things to remember when preparing for a party—food, venue, and of course, the people. Our party checklist will be handy for when you need to organize a party.

For the food, you can either ask friends or relatives to help you buy, prepare, cook, and set the meals. But if you lack time and resources, you might as well go and hire a local catering services provider.

The venue should always be secured a week or months if the place is a famous one, as well as the decoration. Make sure to consider the number of guests and the capacity of your venue.

Midway during your preparations, start handing out invitations. You can make these invitations on your own, hire someone to do it for you or ask a friend or relative to help make them for you.

Make a checklist of all the people that you have invited, list down all those who sent their confirmation. You should also consider the people who changed their minds at the last minute. Then, task someone to welcome “invited” guests. This will avoid party crashers and the like. If this is a formal event with prearranged table setting, then call some friends to usher them to their seats.

To host the party, you will need one or two emcees. Check for reviews online and find someone who can really entertain your guests. Hire a reputable sound system provider for your party to handle the operation of your sound system. Before the event, prepare your playlist, and hand it to your DJ.

If this is a wedding, birthday, or any party that you have to give away tokens, then assign two people—one will record the names and the other will hand out the tokens. Also, if there is a set table for presents, then talk to someone who will receive and arrange the gifts, and then another to guard the presents. Not that you don’t trust the people around, but prevention is better than cure.

During meal time, you can also assign people to cater or distribute the food. Don’t forget also to assign a photographer to capture every precious moment.

Lastly, if the event includes alcohol then make sure your guests can go home safely. Ask people to accompany them. You may also want to ask friend ands relatives to offer shuttle services.