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It sure has been raining a lot lately, but even the habagat is no reason for you to postpone an event. Whatever celebration it is that you are planning, just go on with it. There are many alternatives in celebrating during a rainy weather, the best option is to hold the event indoors. Even if it is cold and rainy, we will help you prepare foods that will warm up the mood of your guests. Spicy Filipino delicacies that will not scorch your guests! Keep on reading and cook some of our suggestions of spicy dishes that you could serve on a cold rainy day.

1. Sisig

Sisig is a famous pulutan, but since we Filipinos love rice we can also serve it with rice. Modern day Sisig was recreated somewhere in Pampanga, I assume that it went through a lot of modifications as there are a lot of varieties of sisig, you can see them served on a sizzling plate, some are served warm the regular way on a bowl or dish, some serve it with ground chicharon on top, some even serve it with chopped lechon kawali on top. It is made of boiled and roasted pork face which includes the ears, cheeks, and jaw mixed with chicken liver, garlic, onion, and Calamansi. Sometimes this is served in a sizzling and hot plate for a crunchy flavor. Sisig is best served with chopped chilies to bring out that sour and spicy blend.

2. Spicy Shrimp Gambas

Gambas is a Spanish word referring to prawns. To make your buffet table more pleasing and overwhelming, add a dish of seafood. While there are people who are allergic to seafood, serving seafood is still a good and healthy option. Spicy Shrimp Gambas is pan cooked on high heat with garlic and onion, Your special chili sweet sauce is then added. The spicy flavor will seep deep into the shrimps, making every bite a burning joy. You can then serve it on a sizzling plate with chopped red and green bell pepper to create a colorful dish. Your guests will love this, and will surely be taking off their jackets even with the cold weather.

3. Bicol Express

This is the ultimate dish with its heavy amount of chilies. Bicol express is a toss of meat, seafood, and vegetables cooked generously in gata or coconut milk. It is then added with green chilies or other varieties of chili as long as the spicy flavor will stand out. Although Bicol Express has a lot of variations even where it came from. Serve it during your party and the floor will burn with excited guests.

4. Spicy Sinigang

SInigang can be cooked with different ingredients, be it Chicken, Pork, Bangus, and Shrimps. As long as the asim-kilig factor is there, Sinigang is a great option during a rainy day. Aside from the sour soup, Sinigang can be cooked to the next level with Siling Labuyo. Yes, your guests will be fanning themselves with this incredibly sour and spicy soup that will conquer any frosty and humid weather. A sip of the soup is enough to make your guests hyper and wanting for more.