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Kiddie birthday parties are always fun because of so many ideas and themes you can play with. It starts with your child’s favorite cartoon character or TV series and the rest of the creativity can follow. All you need to do is complete the birthday checklist and make it enjoyable for the kids and the adults as well. The key to a good kiddie birthday party is colorful, lots of food, games, and prizes. This year, let’s look at the hottest and most exciting kids party themes to try for your kid’s birthday party.

  1. Rainbow Party

Mix and match with 7 pretty colors for your kid’s birthday bash with a Rainbow-themed party. Play with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet. Put assorted balloons following the 7 colors, if you can, use one color of the rainbow for each table. Party hats can also be rainbow colored, and tell you guests to wear clothes from one of the rainbow colors. But, the rainbow-themed party doesn’t stop there. Be innovative with the food by coloring them too! Aside from that, provide cookies that are colored too, plus gummy bears! Kiddie guests will never get tired of the colors and the treats.

  1. Hobby party

What does your child love to do? Or where do they excel in? Give them a boost by linking their interests with their birthday celebration! If your child has talent in music, then surprise them with a piano decorated cake. You can also serve chocolate bars with keyboard-like topping designs. Or if they like arts, then be artistic and colorful with the decorations and the food. Other interests might be sports, math, or board games. You can also customize the invitations and goody bags to match your kid’s interests.

  1. Robots party

My Big Hero, Transformers, what other machine-related movies went out this year? Robot-themed parties are a classic, and you might want to throw on for your son too. Choose metallic colors like silver, gray, white, and blue and use these to decorate the venue. Design the banner, goody bags, hats, and invitations with famous robotic characters. For the prizes, you may want to hand out robot toys like do-it-yourself robot cardboard box and other cute things.

  1. Asian party

This is a cute way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday party. Dress her in a mini kimono and parasol and play with the colors pink and green. The decorations are easy, paper lanterns can work. Serve Asian cuisines like Buchi, Fried Noodles, and Chinese Chicken Style Fried Chicken that kids will surely love. Also, instead of a cake, serve cupcakes with mini parasols attached to them. Don’t forget the fortune cookies, and Ang Paos filled with treats.

  1. Tea Party

Make your little guests feel like grown-ups with a tea party! This is good for snack parties, instead of a lunch or dinner. Prepare bread and pastries for the kids to much on. Oatmeal cookies, pretzels, ensaymada, ladies fingers, muffins and banana cue are some of the options you can serve. Instead of tea, serve natural fruit juice or hot chocolate for the children. Ask for the kiddie guests to wear dresses, and lay-out charming tea cups in a garden venue.