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Wedding receptions should never be boring. Instead, they should be festive, fun, and exciting. Here are ten ways to make this happen.


  1. Welcome guests with a band.


Hire a band with the most upbeat drum roll to welcome their arrival up until they reach the entrance. To add up to the festive mood, there should be performers in front of the band, grooving to the music, preferably Hawaiian or reggae.


  1. Announce their arrival.


Once they start to find their seat, stop the music and blow the trumpet to signal the announcement of their successful arrival. Acknowledge their presence through a great introduction and wait for their confirmation.


  1. Women should be seated beside men.


After the announcement, escort each to follow the seating arrangement. Put their name on the seat to make sure they stay there.


4. The men will give three roses to their seatmate.


When everyone is settled, call all the men for a short instruction. Tell them to get three roses and give these to their seatmate. Surely, this will put a smile on the women’s face, others may blush, and even a couple of them will feel a connection or chemistry.


  1. Conduct an eating contest.


You need to plan this together with the wedding reception’s provider of catering services. Request them to prepare five special dishes for the eating contest.


During the reception, ask five men to volunteer. Surprise the winner later on with a kiss or a handshake prize to whoever they like.

  1. Let the couple ask intriguing questions to some.


Prepare 10 queries. Go around finding a good prospect. Let the person choose one question, read it aloud and give an answer. Here are a few great questions:


  • Who is your crush here?
  • What is your ideal date?
  • Why are you single or married?
  • How to love someone?


7. Let the women find the bouquet instead of tossing it among them.


Ask the bride to hide the bouquet anywhere in the function hall. In the count of three, all the women will search for it.


  1. Request everyone to join a short mob dance.


One of the best ways to energize your guests is through a mob dance. In the middle of the program, request everybody to stand up and follow your dance step. Choose funny actions or weird poses to awaken their minds and laugh.


  1. Get an impersonator.


Get all the people excited about a celebrity coming. Hire the best impersonator in town.


  1. Plan a prank.


With this, the bride and the groom are to showcase their acting skills. They are to act like they are fighting over something. When all are bothered about it, play a rap song with the actors singing their confession.


So, what do you think? Through these ideas, you can prevent boredom to set in at the reception. Each of the guest will be alive, awake, alert, and enthusiastic.