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In our previous Birthday Party Celebration Tips article we ended up with number 3. For this article, we will start with that one.

3. Add unusual booths like Vendo Machines, Wheeled Candy Carts, Photo booth, etc.

Instead of providing a table for drinks, rent a vendo machine where guests can get their drinks by inserting a special coin or a peso coin for donation. All the money to be collected will not go to you, but for a special charity or to the church where you held your wedding ceremony. You can also add a Photo Booth or Instagram Booth, but in this case the photos will be printed and not uploaded. Bring back the value of developed photos with this creative booth.

Some celebrations might take long, and people just want to keep on eating. Provide snack tables for them. One creative idea is to put mini chocolates in different sizes in big jars, add sprinkles, pretzels, and gummy bears. Then provide cups where the guest can scoop up the snack of their choice. Or hire people to walk around carrying several sweets, they may look like the food vendors during a baseball or football game. Another version of this is a Wheeled Candy Cart. Or you can hire a Sorbetes cart, or Street Food cart. Guests will surely go crazy on these additions.

4. Own your menu. Instead of getting the whole family to prepare and cook the food, why not go for food catering? You can suggest your personal preferences, and even ask them to make your favorites and family recipes. Offer something new and exotic during your event, and you will feel like a guest in your own party. Try mixing different cuisines from different places, and remove the usual party foods like Spaghetti, Adobo, and Fried Chicken. Go crazy with Ramen, Baked Fries, and our own Kakanin. Lay-out your own favorite foods to amaze you instead of plating the usual foods to please your guests.

5. Discover talent from your family. Ask them to make presentations that you have in mind, like a video timeline of you and your mom. Ask relatives to sing your favorite songs instead of playing them in the speakers. Create witty games or play traditional games you love to play.

6. Honor your ancestors by making your wedding a bit like where you came from. If you’re from Ilocos then wear weaved table mats or decorations. Use bamboo tables, or make the stage look like a Bahay Kubo.

7. Ask your guests to wear something unique. This can be a personalized pin or yellow t-shirt or a bracelet. This will really stand out in photos, and will make your celebration unique.

8. Instead of asking guests to leave a message for you, try other creative methods. Like ask them to write a prayer for you, or to suggest a song for you. Instead of a piece of paper, why not ask them to write on a wood jigsaw puzzle. You can also set up a photo booth where their picture will be taken and they will write a message for you at the back so that you can remember them after 10 years.