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Time for a celebration! Just because it’s another usual birthday party doesn’t mean you have to celebrate it like everyone else does. Step up, be creative, and own your celebration with a bang! If you want to be unique and impress other people, as well as create history and trend in social media sites, then go ahead and personalize your own party. Right now, you might be confused or afraid because you don’t know how to do it or how people will see your personalized party. But hey, hundreds of people around the world have taken the step to party evolution. Now it’s your time to shine, and we are definitely here to guide you.

  1. Theme. If you want your party to be you, then choose a theme that would best represent you or what you love. Most events are commonly held at home, public parks, hotels, dining halls, etc. If you are a fan of games, fun rides, adrenaline rides, etc; why don’t you spend your birthday in a carnival or themed park? Maybe you can even afford Enchanted Kingdom or Star City?

If you and your loved one shared your first kiss in the beach, then why not hold your wedding there? You can even add a twist by hiring a ferry and celebrate in the middle of the sea. A lot of couples have personalized their wedding by marrying at the lake where they love to go fishing, or in the bar they first met. Even a wedding in a hospital is possible.

  1. Personalize everything. From the colors to the utensils, you can set all of these to be awesome and unique. What are the things in your party that you can personalize?

Party Blowers. Instead of the usual spray of confetti and ribbons, you can change it to feathers, candies, paper mache snowflakes or other shapes, and even stuff toys! Or, if you don’t want party blowers, then switch to sparklers. They are called “lusis” in Tagalog. Just be extra careful with this one though.

Ribbons and Sash. Ribbons can have your name inscribed on it, or create your own ribbon design by looking for tutorials in the internet. Aside from the usual sash, why not change it with your photos lined on a string. Your guests will be busy pouring over those pictures. If it’s your 20th birthday, then line up photos from your birthday and one each year older.

Balloons. Instead of those individual balloons on a sticky, why not go for three small balloons in a string? Or instead of balloons, replace it with flowers or colorful flags?

Invitations. There are a lot of cute and amazing invitation ideas online. If you both work in a school, then make your wedding invitations look like a blackboard or a notebook or record book. You can play from business cards, newspaper clipping, post card, wanted sign, or etched in wood.

Dinner wares. Place names on mugs, this can also serve as your guest’s tokens. If you have money, then place your name on the handles of the spoons and forks.

Tables and chairs. Find a company that offers tables and chairs rental near you so you can easily customize the motif for your party. Most companies offer a selection of colors and themes that you can match to what you like.

  1. Add unusual booths like Vendo Machines, Wheeled Candy Carts, Photo booth, etc. If it is a kiddie party getting a candy buffet would definitely be a great addition.