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Say goodbye to year 2014 and prepare to welcome another year. Surely you are excited for new beginnings and opportunities. For the coming year, what plans and goals have you set aside? A work promotion perhaps? Or a new car? Or maybe your Child’s Birthday Party Celebration? You may not be worrying about it right now, but do you have any idea how to celebrate it this year? Birthday parties are something worth looking forward to, especially for kids. If you are running out of ideas, we are here to help you. In welcoming the year 2015, we have come up with a list of kiddie party themes for you to try.

Child’s Birthday Party Celebration Ideas

All Blue and All Pink

Be girly or be boyish with this monochrome-themed kiddie party theme. If your little one is a boy, try throwing an all-blue inspired birthday celebration. Choose decorations that are in the shades of blue, it doesn’t have to be expensive though. You can use crepe paper or Japanese paper on top of a blue backdrop. Be creative by mixing different shades of blue. For pink inspired children’s party celebration, set out pink tea cups or just small cups to make it seem like a tea party. Dolls or robots aren’t necessary for decorations, simple designs like animal silhouettes can do the trick. Choosing a monochrome-themed kiddie party will make kids appreciate simplicity. Plus it creates a smooth ambiance with fewer distractions. Cartoon-inspired birthday celebrations tend to attract the kids on the character decorations rather on the party itself.


Thinking of an outdoor venue for your child’s birthday celebration? Instead of the usual picnic celebration, why not try a camping party? Not that you would really spend the night in the area. Borrow tents from your guests or friends and arrange it on the ground following a circular pattern. All the tents must be facing the center so that everyone can still participate. This is a good alternative if you don’t want to bring tables and chairs. You may use blankets as an alternative though, but if the area is not shaded you guests will have to endure the sun. Tents are practical because people can take shelter inside, away from the heat and other environmental factors. They can even lie down or be comfortable. A bonfire is optional, but it would be nice if the kids can roast hotdogs and marshmallows like real scouts on a camping.

Brown and White

If there is a monochrome inspired birthday celebration, you can also try a flavor inspired kiddie party. Brown and white may not be a fun mix of color for the venue, but try to work with it for creative ideas. For the food, serve dishes that are of the color brown and white. Heap a platter of delicious Chicken Barbeque, Carbonara, Chocolate cake, and Vanilla cupcakes for your guests. Or, instead of a lunch or dinner celebration opt for a merienda time. Then you can serve various bread and pastries like mini-donuts, pretzel sticks, and cupcakes. Decorate the venue with white tables and brown chairs, then the centerpiece can be a jar full of brownies.