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There are no excuses when it comes to your cute chikitings, and we surely understand that. Especially when it’s their birthday, you want to give everything for them to enjoy it as well as your guests. Here are a couple of ideas to help you organize and celebrate your kids party.

The tradition of birthday parties originated from Germany. During someone’s birth, evil spirits are said to lurk around, and to protect the baby loved ones are called to surround the baby. This also happens during the celebration of his or her birth, which is in short the birthday, that’s why many people are invited and a colorful, fun, and happy celebration is held. The people who will come are believed to scare away evil spirits and bring good tidings and best wishes for the birthday celebrant. Up until now, birthday celebrations are still held but with more and more twists.

Planning that big birthday party is not that easy, been then and done that. But that’s what we’re here for, to make it easier for you. If you want to level up your birthday party or if it’s your first time doing it, then we strongly suggest that you visit a catering service near you. It’s not bad to seek help, plus you’ll have more options to choose from whether it’s food, venue, decorations, etc.

So to help you with, let’s make breakdown of what you need and have to prepare for before you head out to your catering service planner.

First, the theme. What does your child love most? Spongebob? Adventure Time? Super heroes? Or do you want a more formal environment like Angels? Everything Blue? The theme is very important, because it will affect everything else in your list. If you are having a hard time choosing a theme, do some searching over the internet. Try looking at Kiddie Party Themes at Pinterest, or go ahead and ask your catering service planner. They may suggest themes, or they can also relate past experiences.

After deciding on the theme, set the venue. Will it be at home? School? Garden? Choose a place that it spacious and friendly for kids to run around but for parents to keep watch. The venue must also match the theme, don’t choose a school location if there will be clowns, bubbles stuff, and balloons. It will be messy, and might not be good for their school uniforms. Make sure also to notify the catering service provider about the venue, you don’t want to keep waiting for your food because they got lost. Or some venues are strict when it comes to entrance, so make sure to include them in the entrance permit. Or better yet, ask for venue affiliates of the catering service provider. They might even help you set up the place for your convenience.

Food and decoration. While kiddie parties offer the usual food, spaghetti, fried chicken, cake, you may want to be unique with your food menu. Ask your catering service provider for these. Don’t forget also to include snacks and goodie bags, they are a must especially for expecting kids. Again, look for inspirations over the net for decoration ideas. Ask also your catering service provider if they can provide these for you.

Lastly, invitations, music, games, host, and clowns and magicians. You can volunteer to do this, or ask a family member or friend to liven up the celebration while you entertain guests.