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Wouldn’t it be nice if you can truly make your party stand out? Celebrations don’t only call for great food, music, games, and venue but also for dazzling decorations. Spice up your venue with vivid and unique decorations that will make a nice background for selfies and picture-taking sessions.

The stage and the walls aren’t the only places you need to decorate. You can also place centerpieces, or decorations placed in the middle of tables. These will also make the table setting elegant and entertain your guests while waiting or eating. Centerpieces can vary, it can be a bouquet of flowers or set of balloons. Though you may want a really huge and gorgeous centerpiece, you have to note that centerpieces have to be simple. They should not obstruct the view of the people within the table. Round tables can be decorated with one centerpiece, but long rectangular table centerpieces can have as much as three or more per table.

Instead of buying or renting centerpieces, you can bring out your creative side by creating your own centerpieces using materials at home that you already have.

1. Instead of using real flowers, use dried up ones combined with ferns or branches. You can buy the flowers before hand and dry them, preserving the shape and all the parts. You can buy the flowers during off season so it will be a bit cheaper. Then you can look for ferns or branches in the park or around the neighborhood. Using dried up plants can result in a vintage look and you don’t need to worry about keeping the flowers fresh. You can also use a wooden cup or a paper cup to hold the flowers in place.

2. This is a common elementary project but a great idea to try out too. Gather bottles of wine or alcoholic beverages and fill it up with stars made of paper. You can use newspapers, colored papers, magazines, and other kinds of paper to make the stars. You can just place the stars randomly inside the bottle or layer it by color or type of paper. Put the cap on the bottle and wrap something nice on top to make it charming. You can cut strips of metallic paper and arrange it on top of the cap to make a firework effect.

3. Another efficient idea you can utilize for a centerpiece are carved fruits. They are becoming a fad nowadays. They won’t only make a great centerpiece, but they can also be eaten for dessert. If you can’t find someone who sells carved fruits, you can improvise by cutting the top part of the fruit and placing something on top.

4. Another interesting idea is to place a candle inside a jar. Save glass jars from pasalubongs. Clean them and fill them halfway with water. Buy tea candles and place one inside the jar. The tea candle will float and will make a nice lamp for an evening occasion.