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Playing is something that kids love to do and is essential for their life. This fosters happiness, development (biologically, psychologically and emotionally), learning, and bonding. That is why conducting child-friendly games for kids party celebrations where there are young guests is highly appreciated by many.


Now, out of the numerous children’s games around, what are the best ones?






Otherwise known as musical chairs, this is the most exciting among the rest. First, you need to prepare 5 chairs. But of course, you can secure more, depending on the number of your target players. Also, do not worry because there are durable and high quality monoblock chairs for rent around. Next is you select 4 upbeat music. When these two are ready, look for 4 volunteers.


Place the chairs in a circular position and ask the participants to go around while the music plays. They have to sing and dance at the same time. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified.


When the music stops, each of them will have to get his or her own chair and sit. The contestant who fails to do this will be out. Do this step until only two children are left competing for one chair. Upon reaching this stage, change the rules. In order to determine the winner, let the audience sing a song for them and decide when to stop. Also, when the audience stops singing, the contestants are to stand up on the chair instead of sitting down to be the ultimate winner.




Haven’t heard of this? Well, if you search this on Google, you’ll discover that it’s a traditional children’s party game in the Philippines. When translated, from Tagalog to English, pabitin means hanging.


In here, you are to secure a wooden, plastic, or metal cage where you place packed prizes. Each of the prizes should be at least 6 inches far from each other for easy reach and pull. Hang this cage using a wire or a rope on a tree or anywhere possible.


You can have as many participants as you want. And, all of them needs to jump in order to get a prize or prizes while the cage is moved up and down by someone through its connecting wire. The child who gets the most number of prizes will be the first one to choose a party souvenir. This is how it looks.




Just like a statue, the players are to freeze in order to win. For this, you can have plenty of contestants too. You will be showing a few actions that the participants will copy for 30 seconds or so, depending when you will say move.


Think of funny movements so that everyone will burst into laughter when they perform these. The little ones who are able to imitate the most number of acts successfully will be the winner.


Based on our observations during parties, as we provide catering services, these three are the most enjoyable children’s games.


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