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We all need a break sometimes, to get rid of the all the stress, worries, and negative vibes. And what’s a good way to have a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable moment? Spend time with friends! How about planning a party with friends?

It’s true, there are some things we only tend to do with our closest friends. And aside from the bonding moments with our family, spending vacations with our friends are also the best times we always look forward to. And in this case, we are going to help you organize a simple yet extravagant (without the expensive price) party!

First, what will it be? Is it a surprise birthday party? Or a get-together to shake off the taxing hard work? Be it any occasion, we’ll help you plan to have the best time of your lives. While some things you can arrange on your own, the food and the venue might be the hardest. If you don’t have lots of time to cook your own food, then we suggest for you to grab a catering service rather than taking out foods from a restaurant. Catering services offers a variety of foods and options for your party, and you may also add in your own preferences. Plus they can adjust to fit the number of people going for a more affordable price.

For the venue, try asking your catering service provider. They may have affiliates in their past events and can suggest a good location for you, and also maybe a discount. This is a nice option if you don’t have time tapping on every location to look for the best place.

Now, we’re done with two things: food and venue. But, the list is still long. Next, make a list of people you intend to invent. Then notify your friends, if possible create an invitation, you can make a simple one just to remind them. Also, ask them if they are surely going, possibly, or not. If they intend to tag along someone, then tell them to let you know. This is to avoid rushing to order extra chairs, food, etc. Also, now that you’re talking with friends take the time to ask them the best theme, decorations, surprises, and other stuff you can all enjoy during the party. If it’s a high school reunion then someone can prepare a slideshow presentation or bring the yearbook. If there will be presentations or speeches then note these down so that the party will go smooth.

Music! Any event without music is boring, so prepare a playlist and organize folders in advance. Make sure not to forget your devices for playing. Or if you have additional money, then you may want to hire a disk jockey to spice up the moment.

Lastly, bring a camera. No event is perfect without memories, so make sure to charge and empty your memory card!