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party tipid tips

Everyone loves to celebrate. We tend to look forward to getting party invitations from people we know. For some, they say there is an unexplainable feeling of happiness when they get to witness and become a part of the celebration. Others love to attend because they know that delicious food that are not usually served at home will be served there. Just because it’s a party doesn’t mean that you need to spend big. Here are some ways to help you enjoy and throw off an affordable party package. Tipid tips for your party list.

1. Have your party at home! All you need is to rearrange, clean up, and set your house. Free your front yard and living room to create a lot of free space. This will save time and transportation fees on moving food, chair and tables, and decorations from your house to the selected location. Plus, you don’t need to pay any rental fee. You can just borrow the chairs from the barangay hall, and find people to lend tables. Or if not, go to a public park for your celebration! Though you have to mind other people, because you’re not the only ones having a party there.

2. Celebrate with someone else. Collaborate with a friend if their son is also having a birthday party celebration. Or someone in your neighborhood plans to throw a party. Or, if there are two birthday celebrants in one month in your family then set only one celebration. This will really save a lot on food, resources, and money.

3. It’s not that you are picky or ungrateful, but you really have to limit your guests when you want to save on money. Invite people whom you really know, and tell them politely not to bring along their barkada or all of their neighbors along. You’ll spend extra time asking who they are and finding out they are not even related to you in any way. Plus, you’ll have to spend more on food.

4. Hire a catering services provider. You might think this is expensive, but in some ways catering service is cheaper for you. It will save you time grocery shopping, preparing, cooking, and renting wares. Also, narrow down your food choices. Select two or three viands, plus the rice, and dessert. You can opt for plated meals to avoid wasting food and laying a buffet table. Use paper plates and plastic utensils. Or, you can bring out your utensils and plates. Doesn’t matter if they are unmatched or old. Just make sure nobody will bring them home, or you’ll regret buying another set of plates. For the drinks, instead of buying small cans or bottles for drinks, buy the biggest container in bulk so that you can save money. Or buy powdered juice packs, instead of buying 10 bottles of soda.

5. Discover hidden talent in from your relatives or friends. Ask people to help you in organizing and hosting the event. Ask people to lend you a sound system. Talk to a friend to host the event. Another one can prepare games and presentation from your relatives and friends as well. Be an expert in networking, and you’ll find people close to you who can volunteer their talents.

6. Be an expert at Do-It-Yourself stuff. All you need is to be creative. Use items at home. Impress people without spending much.