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Trying different locations for various events is a fun and exciting way to encourage other people to start being creative too. It’s not only enjoyable and exciting, but it will also bring out the artist and amusing host in you.

It may be a birthday party or a wedding, throw an adventure party by taking your guests to the beach. Beach parties, be it any month of the year here in the Philippines, will work for any event as long as the weather predicts a clear and sunny day. But even if it’s going to rain, your event will actually be amazing still.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you plan and kick-off a pool or beach party!

1. To start off, start browsing for a beach resort or swimming resort who can give you the optimized amenities and services for your party. Beach or pool party venues can be strict when it comes to reservations, so give them a call at least three or two weeks ahead. Know if there are indoor or covered spaces in the area where you can transfer in case it rains. Also, ask for resort rules and guidelines and include these in the invitation to avoid conflicts during the party.

2. Send out creative invitations. You can attach invitations to a pair of flip-flops that your guests could wear during the event, or stick the invitation to a beach ball. Be creative, and let them be super excited about the idea and the thrill of going to the beach. Include in your invitation the exact name of the resort or venue, add a map in case your guests will travel in a private car, and guidelines of the venue. Indicate clothing specifications, alcohol tolerance, parking, and tickets or passes (if there are).

3. Set-up decorations before hand, if the venue will permit you to do so. Secure your decorations because outdoor locations can be windy, especially beaches. If possible, set up side flaps to divert the breeze and prevent toppling of decorations, chairs, and food. To welcome your guests, set a big and colorful banner welcoming them. Hang colorful flowers made out of crepe paper and flowing flags. You can even add balloons to amuse the kids.

4. Food! For beach parties, prepare light and dry foods. Your guests might already be sweating by the first hour, so soup or stews might not be a good idea. Go for barbecue, fried foods, and those that can be placed on sticks so that it will be more convenient for your guests. Always prepare dips, sauce, and other condiments for your guests. You can opt to cook the food on your own, but keeping the food warm and drinks cool may pose a problem for you. Also, if it will be a two-hour drive, or maybe longer, the food quality and taste might be affected. To remedy this, opt for a catering service who will deliver the food to the location. They are experts at this, so go on and visit the nearest catering service near you.