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When deciding to throw a party for your kids, like a birthday party for example, choosing a venue might be a bit difficult. The first thing that you should prioritize in your planning are the kids, and their comfort, security, and enjoyment. The easiest option is to plan a party at your home over the weekend. However, this can be restrictive to some of your son’s classmates because of time constraints, distance, and other planned activities like family bonding. So, an alternative solution is to have the party at your son or daughter’s school. This can be more secure since it is inside the classroom and more convenient for the kids. Presence of other parents can also be optional. Our school party ideas makes it easy for you to organize a birthday party at school.

1. Coordinate with the school and the adviser. Before sending out invitations or contacting a planner, talk with the school administration first and secure an agreement. Set the day, time, venue, and participants. If it will be inside the classroom only then talk also with the adviser of the class. Chances are the party would be noisy, so opt for another location or notify the adjacent classrooms.

2. Since the venue is the school, there is less or no need for decorations. Balloons and banners are okay, but you need a lot of help to set up the room. Especially if the time is limited and the classroom is a bit small. Arrange chairs, and also bring extra foldable tables for the food, prizes, and other things.

3. Invitations. Ready-made invitations can be bought from party supplies shops. You can either buy one with your son’s favorite cartoon character or make custom-made invitations. Indicate the time and the venue, and note whether parents are invited or not. Make sure to ask the school about this, and also ensure that the space will be enough to still play games. Sometimes presence of parents are good to help in tolerating the kids and managing the program.

3. Providing food for the classroom might be tricky since everything must be neat and convenient. Also, since these are kids then food should be healthy and attractive. It will be difficult for a buffet table, so most probably go for plated or packed foods. To help you with these you can always consult a catering service. They can be in charge of the food and even bring the food to the location. Plus, they have a variety of healthy options for the kids. Take out the usual spaghetti and go for Pancit or Fried noodles. Include vegetables and white meat like chicken teriyaki. Add banana bread or muffins for the dessert. For drinks, boxed juices or tetra packs are easier rather than bringing a gallon container and cups.

4. Games. Kiddie parties are not fun without games. Guessing games, pinning the tail, bring me—play games that are simple, fun, and will not need too much space.

5. Goody bags and snacks. If the event will only be for an hour, remove the snacks. Snacks are for parties that may take half a day. For goody bags, omit candies and other sweets. Go for school stuff or toys. No need to hand out tokens, the kids may be too young to appreciate these.