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In every party celebration it is important that the entire area of the event venue is maximized to its full potential specially if you are renting a venue. During parties, we often see rows and rows of chairs lined up in the area, with no tables provided for the guests to eat. Instead they hold their plates with one hand or place it on their laps. The only table in the area is the buffet table. This is applicable for occasions when the event venue cannot support the number of expected guests. Additional chairs will be placed instead of tables to conserve space.


Every occasion calls for tables and chairs, unless you want your guests to sit on the ground. Birthday, corporate event, wedding, fiesta, and graduation—as long as you have guests you need tables and chairs.


As the host of the event, you have to secure these equipment before the event. Venue, food, location, decorations, tables and chairs are some of the most important things you need for your party checklist. The event venue can be set easily, the internet is a reliable companion in doing so. For decorations, you can make them from scratch to save money, buy them, or you can also negotiate with an external renting service. Food can also be home-cooked or you can consult a catering service in your area.


In most cases, we borrow tables and chairs from our neighbors or from the Barangay hall. But what if it is a large gathering at a venue far from your neighborhood? You can still borrow from them but the logistics and the extra labor needed to move and arrange the chairs will be a huge obstacle for you. Or what if it will be a formal occasion? Chairs may not be uniform and vary in size or design if borrowed from different people. This is not a good idea for a formal event. Aside from that, you still have to prepare the table cloths and seat covers.


To save you the effort, expense, and hassle, some catering service providers also provide tables and chairs rental. You might think that renting tables and chairs will be expensive, but in some conditions it will save you some money. First, all the equipment will be uniform and clean. Tables and chairs are of the same size, quality, and style. The consistency will add formality to the venue. Aside from that, you can opt to include table cloths and seat covers in the service. You can suggest an idea for the design, or you can leave it to them. Table clothes can be skirted for a beautiful look, and chairs can also be decorated. Second, it will save you the hassle of borrowing from a lot of people and transporting it too. You won’t have to worry in the set-up also.


Tables and chairs rental are common nowadays for celebrations. It may be a little heavy on your expenses, but think of what it can benefit you. Before availing tables and chairs rental, assess the location first if it can accommodate the set-up. Also, determine how many guests there will be. Make your guests comfortable by letting them eat on a table and not on their lap. So should you rent equipment for your event?