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Weddings are touching celebrations of a new beginning. We get the chance to bear witness to the union of two people and be filled with love emanating from the couple themselves. But another thing that is greater than a wedding celebration is an anniversary party of the couple. Isn’t it nice to see two people celebrate once more their wedding vows 50 years after they exchanged it in the church?

Anniversaries are worth celebrating with a lot of people. But instead of partying outdoors or in another location, why not commemorate it in your own home where you shared your memories as a couple? Here are a couple of home anniversary party ideas that you can do.

1. If you are celebrating your anniversary this year or the next, then why not reminisce old times by throwing an old-fashion themed party? Hit the 60’s or 80’s with vintage, hippie, or retro themes. Of course you will need help from your children or grandchildren, so let them do some research so that they would understand. Younger generations tend not to have any ideas of the lifestyle in the past, so while celebrating your anniversary you can also teach them something. An old-fashioned theme can work great because decorations are not hard to find or make. Set the ambiance with a radio with a cassette player, a phonograph or gramophone records or discs that can be placed on the walls, a disco ball hanged in the living room, and posters of Marilyn Monroe.

2. Showcase your memories and inspire your guests by decorating the place with your photos. Fill the walls with your pictures. Be creative by using different sizes and changing the colors of the photos as well. You can also give away wallet size pictures with a quote or lesson inscribed at the back as a token. Since this is a recollection event, you can also set the place identical to your wedding reception. Serve the same food and have your guests enjoy their time by letting them share some memories too.

3. Feel young and be crazy by having a kiddie party for your anniversary celebration. Yes, complete with balloons, clowns, magicians, and other cute stuff. It’s a new and unique way to celebrate your anniversary but at the same time it will also be fun for you. It will also be a bonding time for you and your grandchildren since both of you will benefit most from the party. It won’t also be that hard since the venue is your home. You can decorate your house with lots of balloons and party bags.

4. Another idea you can try is a tropical themed party. If you can’t go to the beach, then bring the beach to your home. Decorations are easy, just set up open umbrellas and hang banderitas to give a beach fiesta feel. Set those outdoor grills on fire and have barbecues and grilled fish along with other tropical food for lunch. Drinks can be served in large glasses complete with a few cubes of ice.