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A well planned wedding will become so memorable if you personally exerted effort to make it successful. If you have that goal, below are ten steps to guide you in planning.


First, set a budget. The rule here is to spend what you can. Going beyond will lead to debts, which is not a good start for newlyweds. Besides, real life happens after the marriage. If you save now, you will be very glad you did so.


Second, think of all the people you want to invite. In making an initial list, include the most important guests first before others. Consider the possible number of kids parents will bring too.


Third, find a venue where you can have the ceremony and wedding reception . Also, it is important to check the location’s accessibility. Make sure that guests will not have a hard time finding it. A function hall located at the first floor of a building will be best for everyone.


Fourth, contact a known officiant. You can ask recommendations from your close friends and the people around you. This is to make sure of the religious officer’s ability and authority to preside the wedding. Some actually have the tendency to forget the name of the parties involved. Look for a famous, recommended, and young officiant.


Fifth, search for the best catering services available. Choose a caterer who offers a complete service, including food and drink packages, wedding cakes, tables and chairs, light and sound, bridal car, and even decorations. With their help, all your guests will have a great time.


Sixth, look for in demand photographers and videographers. Capturing this very special day with quality and efficiency means so much. You can look back to that romantic moment through the images and videos.


Seventh, secure everyone’s clothing. This includes bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, groom’s tuxedo, and groomsmen suits. Except for the bride and groom’s clothing, the rest can be rented to save money.


Eight, look for sought after makeup artists and hairstylists. They can make you even more beautiful on that day. They have quality makeup and modern techniques to improve your beauty.


Ninth, secure the most stylish and durable yet affordable wedding rings. Remember that it is the ceremony itself that is most important and not these things.


Tenth, get your marriage license. This is one of the essential requisites for the ceremony to be valid under the law. Without this, no ceremony will happen. If you go on without this, your marriage might be declared void or without effect. So, all your efforts will only be wasted.


These are only the basic steps. This means you can add more depending on the type of wedding you want.