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Rain or shine, the weather condition is not a reason to stop you from having an outdoor party. Outdoor locations are suited if you want a cool scenery with an organic feel, and don’t forget the refreshing and spacious ambience nature will provide for free. But sometimes, we cannot stop changes in the weather. But we also cannot change or cancel our schedule immediately if something unexpected comes up. The best way to handle this is to be prepared and updated.

The Philippines is a rain-loved country. We cannot do anything about it, since we are near the Pacific Ocean and other bodies of water where typhoons are created. When you want to arrange an event to be held outdoors, be sure to create a Plan B in case it rains. Here are a few suggestions to help you.

1. Choose an outdoor location that has an indoor building nearby. If you don’t have tents, or any cover to protect your event in case of a sudden downpour, then the best option is to relocate the event to a nearby covered area. For fast and easy transport of food, sound system, etc, have a pushcart handy. So that the team of people hired for your event will only have to push their equipment to the designated area. Contact a catering service provider for options in this one. They can help you with the catering equipment and also with the team of people needed for your event.

2. Always check the weather updates. Plan your event two weeks before the event. Make sure everything is prepared and ready a week before. In case of an incoming storm signal or rain, notify your guests immediately if there is a need to change the venue or date of event. If the weather is really bad expect less people to attend.

3. If the venue for your outdoor party allows structures and equipment like tents, etcetera, then include them in your rental budget. Pole tents are for locations with a soft or earth ground so that the poles/support can be driven on the ground. If floor however is cemented or made of tiles, then you can opt for Frame Tents. These are better because there are no center poles. To prepare for instances of strong winds, you can also add side flaps and sidings. If you have extra money and really care for your guests, you can rent garden or outdoor fans in case the weather gets too hot.

4. If budget permits, do keep a couple of umbrellas handy for your guests to use. So that your guests won’t get soaked by the rain in the eventuality that it rains during the duration of your event. Do this as a contingency plan if your event falls during the rainy season. You can relocate to a covered space if the venue has a covered area.

5. When you really don’t have any alternative, go ahead and do a sun dance. It may not make a difference in the weather, but will warm up the mood on your outdoor party.